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New Music Videos in June

A small selection of new music videos released in June, including Septekh, Being As An Ocean, Nekrogoblikon, Mutilation Rites, Deadspace and ColdSpell.


Being As An Ocean – Little Richie (melodic hardcore), from their self-titled third album released June 30.


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New Videos in May 2015

A small selection of new videos from the last month, including Voyager, Between The Buried and Me, Helloween, Secrets of The Sky and more.

Voyager – Seasons of Age, from their 2014 album “V“. (melodic progressive metal)

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Atmospheric Videos: Caligula’s Horse – Into The White (live, supporting Opeth)

The C-Horse team certainly know how to make spectacular live videos! Similar to the last one, this video for the beautiful tune “Into The White” is filmed with fantastic images and audio, really emphasizing the greatest moments in the song. It’s recorded at the Brisbane concert at Eaton Hills Hotel, where Caligula’s Horse had the well deserved honour to be the opening act for Opeth. Who needs Opeth when you can listen to these guys? *wink*


Full Concert Goodness: TesseracT – Odyssey/Scala

Century Media are giving us a full stream of TesseracT‘s upcoming live DVD “Scala”, filmed in November last year at The Scala in London. With the release comes a live audio CD titled “Odyssey” which was recorded during various shows on the band’s 2014 European Tour.

As a dedicated and patient (*coughs*) fan, I’m waiting for my own signed copy to arrive in the mail. Then I’ll lock the front door, turn the lights and my phone off, and place scented candles in a circle on the floor in my living room before I sit down to witness my favourite band with my favourite vocalist in all its liveliness and glory. It’s going to be the most awesome night.

Release date: May 19th. Available from Tesseract official store on both CD and vinyl, signed by the whole band.





New videos in March 2015

A small selection of new metal videos that came out in March. I promise, it’s no joke! Enjoy!


Inter Arma – Destroyer, from their 2013 album “Sky Burial” (blackened sludge/post metal)


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Storytelling Videos: Crimson Dawn – Crimson Dawn

“The sun is rising now
And the mist is low on the ground
Scarlet is the morning tide
While we yearn for our time

Here on the hills on fate
With bows and swords in hand
We stand and we await
The armies of the dead

Crimson Dawn will arise
Blood will stain our skies

The air is wet and cold
It burns my tormented soul
This frightful moment never flies
In time it’s crystallized
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Storytelling Videos: Crib45 – Into The Abyss

The Finnish post-metal band Crib45 have accurately captured what’s going on in many countries around the world (and on the internet) in their new video; the increasing fear of certain foreign cultures mixing with their own, the hateful attitude towards human beings that have been forced against their will to escape from a land of war and despair, or human beings that have done nothing wrong but to break old fashioned societal norms. I fully understand and share the frustration, my heart cries together with every individual who have been treated unjustly and inhumanly. Blood was shed instead of tears…

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Atmospheric Videos: Caligula’s Horse – A Gift To Afterthought

Yesterday, through Revolver Magazine, Aussie prog rockers Caligula’s Horse premiered a new video for the opening song of their 2013 album “The Tide, The Thief & River’s End”. The video was filmed at The New Globe Theatre in Brisbane, Australia by director Adrian Goleby. The main goal was to make a video to visualize the intense atmosphere during their live shows, and they managed to do so with great success!

“We love the videos we’ve done in the past, but this one captures something pretty special… This energy and interaction is what C Horse is all about, and this clip is dedicated to all of you: our amazing fans who let us experience it every time we tour.”  – Sam Vallen, guitarist


Storytelling Videos: A Forest Of Stars – Gatherer Of The Pure

He’s a man of the world, but his is a small world,
being a world whirled and whipped inside a filth caked skull.
All a dalliance in delusion, all dreamed down in narcotic seclusion,
he peeps all askance through all and sundry;
three dimension unreality his fourth dimension play-day.
All eternity a rainy Sunday.
He, a builder of worlds in dreams.
He, a destroyer of worlds in dreams.

Feculent plots / hatch / fester / fry.
Subsistence burnt black, effulguent brain pan besmirched.
Labours of love ladled into ravenous toilet bowl of life.
All lost souls to feat upon fresh hot meal of voided bowel.
He, a leacher of colour. He, a void in sanity.
A poisoner of the well, instiller of winter’s gray flavour.
A spasmed spatter of the obvious, a-soiling gleaming uncertainty.

On a lonely wander through twisting streets of Yonder,
his one good eye spying, prying, a shadow play for yesterdays.
All tomorrows, all yesterdays today,
Carrion Crow, pinch-faced proprietor of this sorry sideshow.
Roll up, roll up! Crack cranks his codeine calliope,
all is vibrant colour without his vermined bone box.
All within, bleak nothing – all without to pay homage, at his insistence.
Cosmic keys broken in twisting locks of lost infinities.
His worlds all a-fire now, a Lucifer turning in listless circles,
before landing in the dry hay of thoughts half-remembered.

Evensong their last song.
Pray for the prey! Sing for your supper!
Funeral pyres for one and all today.
As hand of God to give,
as hand of God to take away.

Hilarious Videos: Baby Godzilla – The Great Hardcore Swindle

There’s a righteous feeling inside my bones
I’m not contented enduring these clones
Each in the same way fitting the mould
Keeping this business so painfully cold.

Give me 5 years and I’ll write it the same way.
Just more years like this.

I see a problem we must address,
And it’s not just to do with the way we dress,
Let’s break this to pieces brick for brick,
Throwing money at the problem just won’t stick.

Shame to put a price on this,
Where has your integrity gone,
I’ve got a feeling you’re all that’s wrong,
With this, it’s not a system,
This is a business,
And one that I’m slowly falling out of love with.

Under the weight of successes cold stare
We’ll find a new way of parting our hair
And a new breed of partners will come into view
Each of them posing a new hoop to leap through

All you say is self serving,
Your every revelation;
I can’t bear to hear it.

Shame to put a price on this,
Where has your integrity gone,
I’ve got a feeling you’re all that’s wrong,
With this, it’s not a system,
This is a business,
And one that I’m slowly falling out of love with.

There’s problem we must address,
And it’s not just to do with the way we dress,

Is this business systematically
Draining the fun from
A love we’re all invested in.

Can you put a price on this?
Can you put a price on my head?