Storytelling Videos: Crib45 – Into The Abyss

The Finnish post-metal band Crib45 have accurately captured what’s going on in many countries around the world (and on the internet) in their new video; the increasing fear of certain foreign cultures mixing with their own, the hateful attitude towards human beings that have been forced against their will to escape from a land of war and despair, or human beings that have done nothing wrong but to break old fashioned societal norms. I fully understand and share the frustration, my heart cries together with every individual who have been treated unjustly and inhumanly. Blood was shed instead of tears…

“Burn down, set it on fire, burn it, set the world on fire

Burn out as the cold stare bursts to flames I’ve screamed my pain
into abyss and in the void these scars kept bleeding through.
Spreading ashes of the abandoned and dying ruins of humanity
where the blood was shed instead of tears.
Cried out ‘Let the floods come and oceans roar
with raging strengths of fierce onslaught’.
Unwind, tear it apart and reconstruct this failing mankind back from start

And the heavens wept for the dawn of man
that has never been so grim and dismal.
I deny this land of dead, this ill state of enmity
from profound depths of hell’s heart I will ascend my disgust

Wash away this shimmering dawn underneath all fading reason
From my soul I have disowned the hope for our salvation”

song from “Marching Through The Borderlines” (2014)

About Irmelinis

A friend told me that I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn.

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  1. ChristopherMammal

    Powerful stuff. It tells the history of human civilisation in ten compelling minutes. We are still what we were before we formed religions, nationalities and political parties. We are packs of rather nasty creatures.

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