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Mik’s Top 50 – Intros That Instantly Grab My Attention #15-16

#16 Tool – Eulogy

“Don’t you step out of line. Don’t you fucking lie. You’ve claimed all this time that you would die for me. Why then are you so surprised to hear your own eulogy? You had a lot to say. You had a lot of nothing to say. “

A mysterious, weird and almost hypnotizing intro. It builds up beautifully and seamlessly into the song and just keeps going. After a minute some nice bongo drums are added and around the two minute mark the guitar riffs starts and Maynard comes in sounding like he’s singing through a megaphone. It’s such a great song with emotional vocals and wonderful flow. It’s taken from the album ‘Aenima’, released in 1996.

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Mik’s Top 50 – Intros That Instantly Grab My Attention #17-18

#18 Animals as Leaders – Odessa

This intro sounds like something out of a video game or a tune I could set as my alarm on my phone in the morning.  You have no idea what kind of song to expect when first hearing it and that’s partly what makes it so good. It’s a gentle electronic sound, but not too irritating, intro that leads into an instrumental song with wonderful guitars. ‘Odessa’ is from Animals as Leader’s second album ‘Weightless’, released in 2011.


#17 Decapitated – Spheres of Madness

I have noticed, in my search for good intros, that most guitar-riffing intros sound pretty much the same and it usually isn’t very long before the vocalists starts singing and the intro-part is over. Here’s an intro-riff that goes on for over a minute, it’s quite minimalistic but has just enough variation to not make me lose interest in the song. ‘Spheres of Madness’ is written by the Polish tech/death metal band Decapitated and is from the album ‘Nihility, released in 2002.


Mik’s Top 50 – Intros That Instantly Grab My Attention #19-20

#20 Be’lakor – Remnants

“Winter’s first marrow cracks, mother bides the spring
Ne’er evade the hand of death and coursing pain it brings”

This is a great, haunting intro that immediately gets stuck in your head and makes you tap your foot to the catchy melody. The Australian band Be’lakor are masters of mournful, sweeping guitars and pounding drums; the whole album ‘Of Breath and Bone’ from 2012 is filled with memorable riffs and fantastic compositions. It should not be missed.

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Mik’s Top 50 – Intros That Instantly Grab My Attention #21-22

#22 Chimaira – The Impossibility of Reason

This is not a band I usually listen to, however this song came up on a random list in Spotify and the cool combination of guitars and drums in the intro made me want to hear more. It proved to be a really good song too, with a slow, heavy chorus

‘You fall face down at the sight of yourself, no one to pick you up. Look what our lives have become…’

and a nice guitar solo at the end. From the album ‘Impossibility of Reason’ released in 2003.

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Mik’s Top 50 – Intros That Instantly Grab My Attention #23-24

#24 Dismember – Dreaming In Red

“Flatlined and cold I lay, victim of their play
In the shadows of the obscure, my soul forever never more”

This intro rules, it starts off all mystic-like and goes on for a long time for being an intro. Then it turns into a guitar solo, before the vocals kick in. It’s nice with a guitar solo in the beginning of a song, instead of only in the middle or the end. This is such an awesome track!
From the album ‘Indecent and Obscene‘, released in 1993.


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Mik’s Top 50 – Intros That Instantly Grab My Attention #25-26

#26 Spawn of Possession – The Evangelist

”Sleeping pills can keep one drowsy, shut out the angst and feel but nothing. Yet to find total closure for terrors of the past, a saddened man now entered the hospital at last”

This intro is filled with energy from the start and makes me want to stand up and play along on my fancy air-guitar. The ridiculously fast and technical riffs and melodies are quite a challenge to follow, but it makes the song so good!


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Mik’s Top 50 – Intros That Instantly Grab My Attention #27-28

#28 Vallenfyre – Desecration

“A fragile king, pouring bliss into my pain”   Vallenfyre is a death metal supergroup with members from Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and At The Gates. This song is from their first and, so far, only full-length album ‘A Fragile King’, released in 2011.


#27 Moth – Vast Expansion

“No, we’ll never understand this vast expansion in our current form. I must learn to accept what I can not control.”  From their excellent debut album ‘Endlessly In Motion’  released this year (full album review here).


Mik’s Top 50 – Intros That Instantly Grab My Attention #29-30

#30 Drowning Pool – Bodies

From their debut album ‘Sinner’, released in 2001.


#29 Atlantis Chronicles – Thousands Carybdea

From their newly released album ‘Ten Miles Underwater’.


Mik’s Top 50 – Intros That Instantly Grab My Attention #31-32

#32 Tool – Bottom

From their debut album ‘Undertow‘ that came out in 1993.

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Mik’s Top 50 – Intros That Instantly Grab My Attention #33-34

#34 Anaal Nathrakh – In The Constellation of the Black Widow

From the album ‘In The Constellation of the Black Widow’, released in 2009.

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