About the Site

After well over a year of talking metal to a small group of people, we decided to take our thoughts to the metal fans of the internet.  We feel that music in general is a personal choice that can dictate your way of thinking and your way of living.  Whatever you do, or wherever you are:  If you are a metal fan, you are not alone.  We feel that metal has been given a bad reputation through the ignorance of closed-minded people, and we stand defiant to prove the metal scene will never die or be pushed aside.

Thank you for choosing us, we will do all we can to not disappoint you.

Rules of Engagement

In order to have everyone’s opinion heard and acknowledged, it is best to lay down a few ground rules.  Failure to follow these rules will cause the free exchange of ideas to break down, and will make this a less-than-metal experience.

– First and foremost: Don’t just blindly disagree with something posted!  Please do your best to support your ideas.  We don’t expect a lengthy dissertation on why you think one band is better than another, but outright flaming someone else is ill-advised.

– Our aim is to have people be comfortable in sharing their opinions about music.  Therefore, comments that have nothing to do with music or the post at hand and aim to bash another religion, political leaning, race, etc. will be removed immediately.

– No spam links or ads.  We are but a humble metal blog site.

– Since this blog website is open to all ages, we will try to refrain from using excessive profanity.  We are well-educated people and will put our ideas forth thusly.

– Spread the word if you like what you see.  A quick glance of the blogs shows we are one of very few heavy metal blogs, and we would like to keep it going for a very long time.

Metal State Structure

We do our best to blog about thought-provoking subjects, post videos you might not have seen, or just talk about metal.  Sometimes there might not be much to talk about so we try to provide some blog posts you can count on.  A Metal State of Mind has a few posts we like to do on a regular basis and they are:

MondayMonday Metal Madness.  Here we pick 2 or more videos, bands, metal personalities, or whatever and pit them against each other in mortal combat, err, a poll.  It’s up to you, the reader, to decide who takes home all the glory.

Tuesday – Full Album Stream. On Tuesdays Matt (Atleastimhousebroken) will bring you an official full album stream of some music for you to check out.

Wednesday – Song of the Week.  This song is chosen from our iPods when we start the day.  It’s the first song that is played from beginning to end without being fast forwarded.  So it’s random, but sometimes not that random.  Either way, it’s supposed to help you get through the week.

Thursday – Theme Thursday.  Here we just pick a theme  like Death Metal, for example, and talk about it, post videos, and profile a certain band or bands.  It’s anything metal that revolves around a theme.

Friday – Video of the Week.  Here is where we recognize a video and we think you should know about it.  There is no criteria.  It’s just our pick.

Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch with us for whatever is on you mind you can write to us at Metalstate@yahoo.com.  We do welcome album review requests, but bear in mind, have faith in what you’re sending us, we will be completely honest. We can not promise that all music sent to us will get a full on review, but if we like it we may also feature it as a post, so streaming links, YouTube links, etc., and lots of interesting info about your band are a huge plus.

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