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Um… it’s a list.

Mammal’s Entertainment Top 10 of 2013

There’s more to life than music. I don’t know what, but somebody said there is.


There’s more to life than music and sex. There are other sources of unending pleasure. But… but… Mammal, you don’t play computer or console games! What else can there be, other than beer and sneaking more cigarettes than you should?

Well, there will be more great music in what’s left of this year. There won’t be any new entertainment, however. I have enough reading to keep me going into 2033. All that’s left in Other Entertainment in 2013 is variety shows featuring Cliff Richard, highlights of news you didn’t watch when it was news, and animated movies about Santa Claus fighting a Michael Jackson zombie that eats little boys.

Here, then, is my best of what was during this year. It’s ordered by vaguely logical flow, not by particular preference. Read the rest of this entry