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Album Review: Black Tusk – Pillars of Ash

0781676729425_300It’s been a while since Black Tusk’s EP Tend No Wounds graced the paged of A Metal State of Mind.  Somehow, I missed the 2014 EP, Vulture’s Eyes; it’s impossible to catch everything, right?  At least someone back me up on that.  So, here we are with Pillars of Ash, the first full album release since 2011. Was it worth the wait? Well, if you are into sludgy, hardcore-infused metal, then my short answer is yes.  Despite coming in at just 35 minutes, the album packs a punch that I am sure will be inspiring a frenzy of circle pits or at the very least, a few thrown chairs.

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New Video: Check This Out – The Hell

This is the sort of Christmas music they should play in stores. It would chase the masses of Elton John fans out and leave the aisles uncluttered for ‘core and metal lovers.

If it doesn’t sound totally like Christmas music to you, then you probably don’t know that The Hell are currently doing their Shitmare Before Christmas tour in the UK. You’ll find tour venues and dates on their Facebook page. The page should also tell you that the band members are “shouty, sweary, snotty, lairy, bandanna-clad punks,” so clearly they are not the most pretentious guys from Watford, England.

I mentioned Elton John because he used to own Watford Football Club. The Hell’s hardcore may not be right up his street, but even he would have to agree that this song and the video really kick some arse. The British don’t kick ass, in the UK that means being cruel to a donkey.

The song is taken from The Hell’s album “Groovehammer”. You don’t have to be a hardcore fanatic to want it.



Hilarious Videos: Baby Godzilla – The Great Hardcore Swindle

There’s a righteous feeling inside my bones
I’m not contented enduring these clones
Each in the same way fitting the mould
Keeping this business so painfully cold.

Give me 5 years and I’ll write it the same way.
Just more years like this.

I see a problem we must address,
And it’s not just to do with the way we dress,
Let’s break this to pieces brick for brick,
Throwing money at the problem just won’t stick.

Shame to put a price on this,
Where has your integrity gone,
I’ve got a feeling you’re all that’s wrong,
With this, it’s not a system,
This is a business,
And one that I’m slowly falling out of love with.

Under the weight of successes cold stare
We’ll find a new way of parting our hair
And a new breed of partners will come into view
Each of them posing a new hoop to leap through

All you say is self serving,
Your every revelation;
I can’t bear to hear it.

Shame to put a price on this,
Where has your integrity gone,
I’ve got a feeling you’re all that’s wrong,
With this, it’s not a system,
This is a business,
And one that I’m slowly falling out of love with.

There’s problem we must address,
And it’s not just to do with the way we dress,

Is this business systematically
Draining the fun from
A love we’re all invested in.

Can you put a price on this?
Can you put a price on my head?

Album Review: Iron Reagan – The Tyranny of Will

Iron-Reagan-AlbumLabel:  Relapse Records

Album:  The Tyranny of Will

Previous Albums:  Worse Than Dead (2013); Exhumed/Iron Reagan Split (2014); Spoiled Identity EP (2014).

Genre:  Hardcore / Crossover Thrash / Punk

Songs:  24 (25 if you have the bonus track)

Length:  32 Minutes

From:  Richmond, VA, USA

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Video Of The Week: BEAR – Mantiis

Obey the fucking BEAR! Or blood will be shed…

New bloody and disgusting video for the song “Mantiis” taken from their excellent 2013 album “Noumenon”.

Song Of The Week: Jamie Lenman – It’s Hard To Be A Gentleman/All The Things You Hate About Me I Hate Them Too

The charismatic Jamie Lenman (ex-Reuben) is certainly an interesting encounter, both musically and visually. A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to experience his unusual style of alternative-hardcore-big band-jazz at a festival, and together with his Heavy Mellow Band he gave us a unique, fast-paced performance that I’ll never forget. His solo album that was released last year contains two discs, each one having its own distinct style. In this video there are two tracks, one from each disc.

A taste of Mr Lenman for all of you lovely readers (don’t let the first 2 minutes scare you away!):

Roundtable Review: Rise of the Northstar – Welcame

WELCAMEartLabel:  Repression Records

Release Date:  22 Sep 2014

Songs:   11

Length:  50 Minutes

Genre:  Hardcore/Thrash

Studio Albums:   This is their debut album

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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2003 / #12 – #10

MetalCatAlthough I love almost every style of metal, not much core music or industrial metal has made it into my annual hit parades. It has to compete against my usually preferred variations of melodic, progressive, folk, symphonic and atmospheric metal, often built on black, death or doom metal

None the less, when good ‘core or factory music hits my ears, it wins my heart.

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Album Review: Code Orange – I Am King

iamking (1)


Release Date: September 2nd, 2014

Length: 33 minutes, 11 tracks

Label: Deathwish Inc.

Genre: Hardcore/sludge

Previous releases: Two EP’s and debut Love Is Love/Return To Dust, 2012 (under the name Code Orange Kids)



Welcome into the gruesome and sinister world of Code Orange, where hearts are uncomfortably racing and minds quickly become miserably disoriented. If you are easily frightened and don’t enjoy the sensation of suffocation and mental torture, don’t press play; turn around slowly and take your leave.

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Retro Roundtable Review: Life of Agony – Ugly

51e14F6r9eL._SY300_Label:  The All Blacks B.V.

Release Date:  9 Oct 1995

Songs:   12

Length:  54 Minutes

Genre:  Thrash / Hardcore

Studio Albums:  1993 – River Runs Red; 1997 – Soul Searching Sun; 2005 – Broken Valley

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