Theme Thursday: Heavy Metal Love Songs

In music, there isn’t lack for the love song.  Chalk it up to being a subject that’s easy to write about and that just about everyone can relate to it.  But, being the dissident that it is, happy-go-lucky love songs in metal are a rare commodity.  There are plenty of songs about love breaking ones heart and decimating your ex-girlfriend with a battle-axe or a brotherly love kinda thing, but on the subject of traditional love between two people is far and few in between.  And when a metal band does write a love song it usually shows the band taking a turn for the cheesy ballad style or going all sappy like Extreme’s “More Than Words”.

Here I have made up a playlist of heavy metal love songs ranging from black metal to traditional metal to ballads.  This was a more daunting task than I thought it would be at first so I had a little help from my friends on the THOM group (Thanks!).  Even though there are some bittersweet songs here I tried to focus on fun ones and ones with more of a happy ending.  I hope you and your special someone can make some sweet metal head love under starlight to these songs.  I would like to dedicate this post to my beautiful, awesome, smart, and amazing wife.  Ti amo tantissimo!   Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Trivium – “This World Can’t Tear Us Apart”

In my opinion, this song is the best love song metal has to offer.  There are driving guitars, huge solos, pulsing drums, and great vocals singing about love only like a metal head could.  It goes to show that even some of the toughest metal heads can fall in love.

Demons and Wizards – “Fiddler on the Green”

This song takes a bittersweet approach to a love story.  The song is inspired by an article that writer Hansi Kürsch read about in the newspaper while on tour.  The article was about a little girl who was hit by a car and died and a boy who was killed in the same manner in the same spot where the girl was killed.  Hansi weaved his own tale off this article.  Death feeling remorse for taking the girl to soon after he saw that a boy kept returning to the accident site and mourning the girl and sees that he is her true soul mate.  Doing the best thing he can do for the two, he takes the boy’s life so their souls can meet in Eternity and be together without pain forever.

Type-O-Negative – “Love You to Death”

Type-O are no stranger to being romantics as Peter Steele (R.I.P.) was never ashamed to express his love of women in his songs.  This song is perfect for making passionate love surrounded by candlelight and empty bottles of red wine.  The nature atmosphere of the music paired with Peter’s deep and erotic vocals is sure to melt any metal head woman’s heart.

Ozzy Osbourne – “I Just Want You”

Ozzy is another metal artist that doesn’t hold back from singing about being in love as many of his songs are about his wife Sharon.  “I Just Want You” is pretty much about what one would do for their special someone.  Ozzy vocals were at the top of their game on this song and Zakk Wylde’s supercharged guitar playing really brings a passionate energy to this song.

Dark Funeral – “In My Dreams”

About the closest you can get to a love song in black metal “In My Dreams” is about a man who longs for his passed on lover and cherishes his dream where he can stay with her forever.  The perfect song for the black metal fan in your life.

Amorphis – “You I Need”

I like this song a lot.  I like how the lyrics can be looked at in two different ways, first being the Finnish creation story and the second being a comparison of love for someone as the creation of the world.  I don’t know about you, but when I fell in love with my wife it was like a new whole world was created just for us 🙂

Children of Bodom – “She is Beautiful”

While party rocker Andrew W.K. original version of “She is Beautiful” is a kick ass, fun, rockin’ song, Children of Bodom’s cover of it metals it up and therefore get the spot on my list.

Sonata Arctica – “Kingdom for a Heart”

Power metal was sure to make its way into this list sooner or later.  Its over-the-top, cheesy style is just ripe for the picking of corny love songs.  “Kingdom for a Heart” is about a heartless king who experiences love and would give up his kingdom to be able to be able to continue loving.

Judas Priest – “Love Bites”

“Love Bites” is not about a broken heart but something more literal.  Rob Halford has always been one to pack his songs full of sexual innuendo, and this is no exception.  Grab you significant other and give them a love bite 😈

Black Sabbath – “Sabbra Cadabra”

Could this be the first ever heavy metal love song?  Quite possibly yes.  I love the fun groove and the rockin’ up beat nature of the song.

Pain of Salvation – “This Heart of Mine”

Ok, not exactly a metal song nor a metal ballad, but I like it so it’s going on the list.  Pain of Salvation know their way around some amazing prog metal anyways.  If you are having a wedding your DJ needs to have this in his collection.

Edguy – Lavatory Love Machine

I had to throw at least one joke song in 🙂  Mile High Club anyone?

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  1. Ah, Tobias Sammet – there’s a man with a love of the single entendre which rivals my own. And lots of other metallic stuff for me to check out, too. I’ll be busy on YouTube tonight…

  2. Great job leaving out the 80s sappy ballads. Choosing those songs would have made for a real easy theme of the week. Seems like every band in the 80s had their ballad love song. Most of these I heard and some were new to me so thank you for opening the door to some new stuff. I do have one question for you? Would you consider a cruise ship to be heavy metal? Oh, the 80s….

    • Hahahaha
      Glad you enjoyed! I was challenging filtering out the 80’s ballads and broken-heart-my-girlfriend-broke-up-with-me songs. And yes, a cruise ship can be completely metal!
      Especially when it’s this one:

      • I’ve been seeing these cruises go on for a couple years. They sound like a real good time and I imagine the musicians are quite accessbile. I saw one of the schedules too and it looks like most bands play more than one set. So, if you miss a band you like, there are multiple opportunities to catch them on a diffrent day and/or time.

  3. How can you say Sabbra Cadabra is the first metal love song? It’s not even the first Sabbath love song! Not only was NIB on their first album, it’s a love song about Satan! Should be number one, haha!!

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