Reggie’s July (2016) Roundup

July was a plentiful month for releases with Fates Warning, Centinex, Periphery, Black Crown Initiate, and Revocation leading the charge; at least concerning the albums I was able to get a hold of and take the time to listen to.  Here is a quick rundown…


Fates Warning – Theories of Flight / Progressive Metal – Released on 1 July 2016 by InsideOutMusic

For fans of the earlier days of Fates Warning, this should be right up your alley. It’s tight, progressive, melodic, and heavy. It’s a solid Fates Warning album; probably one you’ve been wishing for, for a long time.  4 out of 5 


Centinex – Doomsday Rituals / Death Metal – Released on 8 July 2016 by Agonia Records

A very uncompromising and brutal album; just what death metal is supposed to be.  Your neighbors will probably not appreciate it, but you will.  3 out of 5 

unnamed3Periphery III:  Select Difficulty / Progressive Metal – Released on 22 July 2016 by Sumerian Records

This is a band I have a hard time getting into.  Their sound and tempo varies wildely, but I guess that keeps them from getting boring.   I am digging this album more than their previous albums.  They certainly are diverse and have no problem showcasing it.  3 out of 5


Black Crown Initiate – Selves We Cannot Forget / Technical/Progressive/Death Metal – Released on 22 July 2016 by Entertainment One

Their previous album, The Wreckage of Stars made my “best of” list for 2014 at a comfortable #3.  Their new album, on my initial listens, is very different.  I applaud these guys for taking a leap and seeing what they can come up with.  Predictability is not part of this album.  I am still sitting here like, WTF is going on?  All I know is that I like this album a lot, but there is so much to process mentally. 4 out of 5 


Revocation – Great Is Our Sin / Technical Death Metal – Released on 2 July 2016 by Metal Blade Records

This is a seriously bad-ass album. Revocation is very consistent, and consistently getting better one album at a time.  5 out of 5

Here are the clips for your listening enjoyment.

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