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Themed Thursday: Storytellers – River Runs Red

By 1993, Grunge had pretty much thumped American Thrash Metal back to the Stone Age as far as its popularity in the mainstream is concerned.  Thrash didn’t die; it was more or less pushed aside.  Only a handful of Thrash metal bands were still able to sell-out venues while the rest were getting pushed underground, getting released by major record labels, and going back to touring the club circuit.  The airwaves were dominated by the Seattle surge of Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana.  Then something magical happened from the Northeast; almost as far away in America as you could get from Seattle.  Brooklyn’s Life of Agony provided an alternative to Alternative.  Their fusion of metal, hardcore, and thrash opened another path for metalheads who needed an escape from Grunge.  Keith Caputo’s powerful baritone vocal style, accompanied by Joey Z, Alan Robert, and Sal Abruscato quickly became a new sensation.  But, in addition to their killer riffs and headbanging rhythm, Life of Agony’s debut album, River Runs Red, was a dark and tragic story.

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Storytellers Pt. II

Following on from the first post in the series dealing with concept albums, I thought I’d add my two cents about a couple of albums I think emulate what I enjoy most about records with stories: the interplay between plot and music. The best ones can be akin to the bards of old, strumming on a lyre or a harp whilst extolling the adventures and virtues of some hero or another. While the stories have obviously changed and adapted since then, some of that element is still present, particularly in some metal albums. One of the two albums I’m going to describe here is very much lauded at A Metal State Of Mind, the other perhaps a bit more unsung, both on this site and in general.

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Theme Thursday: Storytellers Pt. I

I like stories.  Most of my favorite things revolve around great narratives; movies, video games, books, etc.  So when a band releases a concept album that revolves around a story of some kind I tend to get all kinds of excited.  Sometimes, more often than not, the stories in music are laid out in an abstract way nudging the listener to delve deeper into the music listening to not just the word that are sung but how the music also works in tandem with the lyrics creating narrative unlike any other entertainment genre.  Here are a few albums that tell a great story.  What’s your take on these albums?  What are some of your favorite narrative driven concept albums?  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!

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