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WarpRider (A.K.A. Reggie) – I was formerly known on this site as Plantera7.  I changed my name because I didn’t like having a number with it.  So, from now on I am WarpRider.  Yes, that’s from The Sword.  I am a lifelong metal fan and proud of it.  I got my start in metal somewhere around 1978 when I got a hold of one of my brother’s Kiss records; I was around 5-years old.  Since then my taste of metal grew, narrowed, and then expanded to where I am today.  I like to think of myself as a metal connoisseur.  I like something from all the major genres of metal old and new.   I don’t get too wrapped up in whether something is too fast, too slow, or too soft.  If it’s good music, I listen to it.

I grew up in metal around the “Big Four.”  I am a fan of good old American thrash.  That is pretty much the foundation of my metal then it goes from there.  I do not play musical instruments although I plan on starting after I finish school.  My all-time favorite band is Megadeth.  Let’s talk metal!

Here is a little Q & A about me.

Hometown – Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S.A; currently resides in Tokyo, Japan

All-Time Favorite Bands – Megadeth, Dream Theater, Overkill, Opeth

Favorite Bands This Very Moment – Amon Amarth, Ghost Brigade, Opeth, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Machine Head, Katatonia, Insomnium,

First Ever Concert – Loverboy with special guests Dokken somewhere around 1986

Favorite Bands to See Live – Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Slayer, Amon Amarth, Judas Priest (w/Halford), and Ghost.

Most Overrated Band(s) – Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones, Disturbed

3 Albums to take to a deserted Island with Electricity– Megadeth (Holy Wars…Punishment Due); Images and Words (Dream Theater); Ghost Reveries (Opeth)

P.S.  The picture above is me and Paradise Lost at the Waterfront in Norwich, England 2012.

My Gaming Preferences:

I have been playing videogames since I was about 7 years old.  Back then it was Atari.  Since then there has pretty much always been some kind of gaming device in my life.  At the moment I am an avid Xbox 360 player and I also have a Nintendo Wii because I have kids although I do like to dabble in Wii adventures from time to time.  I tried PC games for a bit and found that I prefer the consoles.   And that’s the extent of my gaming…about 30+ years worth.

Favorite Games/Series:  Resident Evil, Call of Duty, Command and Conquer, Guitar Hero, L.A. Noire, Crimes & Punishments, Baseball, Golf, Medal of Honor, Hockey, Portal 2, Mass Effect 2, Super Mario Bros., Gran Turismo (when I used to own a Playstation 2), Tomb Raider (2013), and the Bioshock series.

Current Gaming Platforms:  Xbox 360 (gamertag “GloryOfTheKill”), Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, and Playstation Vita (DerelictHerds)

Currently Playing:  Evil Within, Diablo III, Crimes & Punishments.  I tend to play one game at a time.  I recently finished playing Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider (2013), and Dishonored.

Will be Playing in the Near Future:  Crysis 2


RiffRaff (A.K.A. Matt)- Knows how to not pee on the carpet, and really ties the blog together.  Ok, all seriousness aside, I’m a huge metal fan and have been for as far back as my memory can take me.  One of the things I love about metal is how passionate the fans of the genre are, you will never see a Kenny G. fan as pumped up for a concert or album as say an Iron Maiden fan would be, let alone get down to the nitty gritty on why they think a song, album, or band is as awesome as they think it is.  And quoting Rob Zombie, “One thing you will never hear a metalhead say is “Remember that summer when we liked Slayer?”  Metalheads love their music and are dedicated to it, it’s not a passing phase, and I’m proud to be part of the metal community.

I enjoy playing metal(not very well), but enjoy more sitting down and getting into a great metal album or song(I do tend to enjoy the more progressive bands out there) and when I really like something I feel it’s my duty to share my passion for what I’m enjoying with other people.  Hence why I enjoy writing to you wonderful readers out there along with the “Metal State of Mind” team.  Writing here also gives me the chance to discover some songs and bands I may have never heard and ultimately would end up liking, so if you think something is just badass, leave a comment.

Peace, Love, and Metal!

Hometown – Brick, NJ, USA; Currently living in Milan, Italy

All-Time Favorite Bands – Too many and a constantly revolving door.  Some staples are Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Opeth, Dream Theater, Rush, Between the Buried and Me, Pantera, Moonsorrow, Bruce Springsteen, Clutch, Black Sabbath, The Sword

First Ever Concert – Pantera with Clutch and Neurosis in 1996

Favorite Bands to See Live – Iron Maiden(best concert ever, MSG, NYC Brave New World Tour), Blind Guardian(2nd best concert ever, Alcatraz, Milan At the Edge of Time Tour), Clutch(consistently awesome live, seen them about 14 times), Monster Magnet(hometown heroes), Dream Theater(needs no explanation)

Most Overrated Band(s) – Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, Slayer

3 Albums to take to a deserted Island with Electricity– Seventh Son of a Seventh Son(Iron Maiden), Nightfall in Middle-Earth(Blind Guardian), Ghost Reveries(Opeth)

My Video Game Preferences:

Along with being a long-term metal head I am also a long-term gamer.  Being born in the late 70’s let me be able to grow up around the start of gaming’s popularity as a young child I played around with the Atari in the house that I adored so much.  But my big fall into gaming came with the inception of the world’s most popular gaming platform, the NES.  Super Mario, Zelda, Castlevania, Mega-Man, those are the games where my heart is at in games, but I also do love modern gaming also with new technology really allowing me to immerse myself into a world like I have never been able to before.

Favorite Games/Series: Castlevania(in particular, Castlevania 3 and Symphony of the Night), Mega-Man(part 3 FTW), Super Mario Bros.(2, 3 and Mario World), Ninja Gaiden(both old-school and new), Day of the Tentacle, Legend of Zelda(A Link to the Past and Majora’s Mask), Warcraft III:Reign of Chaos, Starcraft, Portal, The Elder Scrolls,  Mass Effect, Kings Quest, Final Fantasy(VI, IX, and Tactics in particular), Tetris, Ace Attorney Series, Guitar Hero, Resident Evil 1, 2, and 4, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Limbo, and various indie games.

Current Gaming Platforms: PC (Steam username RiffRaff79), X-Box 360(gamertag RiffRaff79), Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, various emulators for my old-school gaming fix.

Currently Playing: Click here to see my PC gaming habits

Will Be Playing in the Near Future: Everything I haven’t played


2344  Irmelinis (A.K.A Mik) – Always been a huge fan of music, and when I was younger I spent countless of hours listening, dancing, and singing along to The Beatles, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Dire Straits and music from the 60’s. In the 90’s MTV was my best friend after school.

My metal-days started a little over twelve years ago, when I was 21 years old and generally tired of mainstream music.  A friend introduced me to power metal and I started to listen to Morifade, Luca Turilli and Stratovarius. But the band that really caught my attention and made me want to continue to explore metal was Edguy. That’s when I started going to concerts and metal festivals and I had found one of my passions in life.

Hometown: Somewhere in Sweden

All-Time Favorite Bands –Older favourites that have been knocked down a bit on my popularity-list are Bathory, Pain of Salvation, Opeth, Tool, Dimmu Borgir…. Because now I’m busy obsessing over  bands like Altar of Plagues, TesseracT, Negura Bunget, Skyharbor, Trap Them, Karnivool, Anaal Nathrakh.

First Ever Concert – Edguy and Labyrinth, even though I remember the hug I received from Labyrinth’s singer afterwards more than the actual concert…

I went to a big Paul McCartney concert when I was 10 years old too, it was actually quite unforgettable.

Favorite Bands to See Live – SikTh, The Ocean, TesseracT, Architects, Maybeshewill, God Is An Astronaut, Baby Godzilla

Bands I’d love to see live – Anaal Nathrakh,  The Hell, Caligula’s Horse, Ne Obliviscaris and probably most of all, Tool.

Most Overrated Band(s) – Slayer, Metallica and Nirvana

Most Underrated Band(s) – Rishloo, Junius, earthtone9, Nordic Giants

3 Albums to take to a deserted Island with Electricity– One (TesseracT) , Teethed Glory and Injury (Altar of Plagues), Streets of Rage (Centiment)

My Video Game Preferences: Started with NES when I was little, continued with PC and now also Xbox 360. I tend to prefer playing on my PC and I enjoy many different types of games.

What I’ve been spending the most time playing, probably a total of over three years connection time (1 year and 16 weeks on my main character, oops),  is on MUD’s,  multi-user dungeons, real time virtual world,  text-based game, and especially in the fantasy world of  Merentha. In that world I’m running a mercenary guild, continually getting to know people from all over the world, that’s where I met my boyfriend from Australia 6 years ago, it’s where I’ve had the most fun with people that have become very dear  friends.

Favorite Games/Series: The Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Star Wars – The Old Republic, Minecraft, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Starcraft (and Starcraft Tower Defense maps), Borderlands, Test Drive Unlimited, Zelda, Diablo 2, Plants vs Zombies (so much fun!)

Current Gaming Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3

Currently Playing:  Dragon Age Inquisition, Skyrim (still), Assassin’s Creed Rogue, FFX (remastered). But also Amnesia, Lego The Hobbit, Age of Empire 3, and various Tower Defense games.

Will Be Playing in the Near Future: Portal, The Talos Principle, Game of Thrones – A Telltale game, The Witcher 2

Will Never Play Again:  Pretty sick and tired of Diablo 3.  League of Legends is annoying. Games where you can’t solo, and have to party to get through the game is frustrating.


Oth-06ChristopherMammal (a.k.a. Christopher)  As an old codger who was born four months before the Korean War began, I have a huge advantage over the youngsters who write for this blog. I was a teenager when “underground” music arrived in the 1960s. There was no distinct genre for metal, prog, jazz rock, psychedelic rock, space rock or hard rock. They all grew from underground music. My musical tastes grew with all of them. That makes me a complete hybrid in my music preferences. It’s also meant that when I left behind the radio pop of the 1960s, I for ever left behind any interest in what grew to become the hit parade music of the next 50 years.

I’m ecstatically happy to be living in the current era of modern music when we’re experiencing a simultaneous divergence and convergence in so many forms of music. Every main type of music I love – metal, prog, fusion jazz, modern classical – is continually spawning new sub-genres. At the same time, the boundaries between the main classes of music are blurring and merging in so many areas. It’s become delightfully difficult at times to tell, for instance, if a great piece of music is melodic metal, prog metal or modern prog.

Being invited to join the Metal State Of Mind team was a great honour and pleasure. No one loves their music more than metal fans. No one knows more about their music, and no one is as loyal to its music and its bands. I’m ancient and my skin has grown very thick, so please shoot me down if my writing is factually inaccurate. If you don’t like my opinions… hey, if we all liked the same thing, some real assholes would be metal fans.

Home town: Eshowe, the one-time capital of Zululand in South Africa. Our closest neighbours are vervet monkeys in the forest.

All-time favourite bands – Camel, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Yes (classic prog); Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, The Who (classic rock); Galahad, Glass Hammer, Haken, IQ, Kaipa, Pendragon, Porcupine Tree, Spock’s Beard (neo-prog); Astra, Hawkwind, Hidria Spacefolk, Quantum Fantay (sic) (psychedelic/space rock); Alter Bridge, Arch Enemy, Arkona, Ayreon, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath, Borknagar, Dalriada, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Dimmu Borgir, Dream Theater, Ego Fall, Epica, Falkenbach, Gojira, Iron Maiden, Kamelot, Leprous, Metal Church, Monster Magnet, Myrath, Negura Bunget, Nightwish, Opeth, Riverside, Rush, Solution .45, Steven Wilson, Symphony X, TesseracT, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, To-Mera, Therion, Thurisaz, Týr, Vanden Plas, Wintersun, Xerath (various metal genres).

First-ever concert – Freedom’s Children, a South African psychedelic rock band, in 1968.

Favorite bands to see live – Not many of my types of band tour South Africa. The best I have seen live were Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Jethro Tull.

Bands I’d love to see live  Arch Enemy, Haken, Therion, Epica, IQ, Spock’s Beard, Monster Magnet.

Most overrated band(s) – Motörhead, Slayer.

Most underrated band(s)  Jupiter Society, Dalriada, Negura Bunget.

3 albums to take to a deserted Island with electricityIn The Wake Of Evolution (Kaipa), Moving Pictures (Rush), Ghost Reveries (Opeth).

My video game preferences: I haven’t played any new game since about 2002. The games I enjoyed most were the Baldur’s Gate sagas (modded into one huge game with many mods added on), Diablo, Diablo II and Warzone 3000 (also with many mods added on).

Favourite games/series: Baldur’s Gate II, Diablo II.

Current gaming platforms: PC.

Currently playing: None.

Will be playing in the near future: None.

Will never play again: Any, probably. I spend so much time on my favourite hobby, which is listening to music, that I don’t have any need for games.

Former/Inactive bloggers

YungvirticusHello all, thanks for reading our blog.  My name is Joshua but I go by Yungvirticus (long story).  I have been a metal fan for quite a while.  I started to really listen to metal in my teens, and I haven’t looked back since.  No other type of music has affected me as much as metal.  I have a slightly different point of view of metal music than WarpRider, as I play guitar and bass, and have grown up around musical instruments my whole life. If anything, this has made my love for metal even stronger.  I love the fact that no other genre of music elicits such an unique response from it’s fans.  With very few exceptions, I have an interest in every type of hard rock and metal out there.

More will follow on my interests and my favorites (probably in the first blog), but I can tell you, I am really excited to reach out and talk to  other fans of the greatest music in the world- Metal!

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