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Simple enough…21 songs to carry us from December 1st until our untimely demise on December 21st, according to the Mayans. But, just in case this is complete BS, we will continue posting as normal. Until then, enjoy!

21 Days ‘Till Doomsday #1 – Death Knell (Ghost)

Death Knell is defined two ways; 1.  Something that heralds death or destruction and 2.  A bell rung to announce a death.  For the purpose of 21 Days of Doomsday, we’ll go with definition #2.  It is lights out; time to ring the bell for humankind…an experiment gone bad…dead at the hands of (most likely) ourselves.

Ok enough of that.  It was fun making a list for doomsday at the expense of the Mayans who probably just decided they had gone far enough and wanted to focus on other things.  Perhaps they were wiped out, who knows? The bottom line is that we will all wakeup on the 22nd and prepare to spend the end of 2012 in a festive manner fitting to your culture.  We hope you enjoyed this particular countdown, it’s the only time it is going to happen.  There probably could have been a better #1 out there, but Death Knell defined seemed so appropriate.  Have a good, hopefully uneventful, night.

21 Days ‘Till Doomsday #2 – Death to the World (Kreator)

The song title says it all; time to get ready for the final hours.  Kreator has made a cool resurgence with their blistering album Phantom Antichrist.  It scored fairly high on my Top 15 of 2012 which will be posted in early January.  After reading the lyrics to the entire song, I have to give props to lead vocalist Mille for being able to remember all that.  There is some interesting word choice.  Here is a snippet which pertains to our humble apocalyptic countdown; probably the easiest part of the song to remember.

…Facing the dawn of a seven-year atrocious plague
Death to the world no religion can save
Mankind from falling into bottomless graves…

Though the footage below is pretty rough, it sounds like Kreator can kill it live.  There is only one more song to go in our countdown 😉

21 Days ‘Till Doomsday #3 – Countdown to Extinction (Megadeth)

We are down to the final three songs on our doomsday countdown.  It’s time to rack up credit on the cards trying to enjoy yourselves during the final 72 hours.  Just be prepared to pay it back though when you wake up on the 22nd.  This song should have started the entire countdown, but I forgot about it.  So, here it is representing basically the last 72 hours of the  countdown.

…All are gone, all but one
No contest, nowhere to run
No more left, only one
This is it, this is the Countdown to Extinction…

This album is among Megadeth’s best work.  This particular song is a perfect fit for our countdown within a countdown.  I picked the video below simply because I was at this concert in Seoul, Korea, ironically not that long after I saw Metallica in the same city. I still have both ticket stubs.

21 Days ‘Till Doomsday #4 – All Nightmare Long (Metallica)

Initially, I wasn’t looking to a band like Metallica for an end all kind of song.  Then I remembered the video for All Nightmare Long…it is fitting for a plausible end of the world scenario.  Even if the Mayans knew nothing about what we as a society are capable of today, the secrets we hold and nature we tamper with could surely come back to haunt us…on the 21st of December 2012 😉  This video certainly highlights the possibility of our potential self-destruction with the helpful hand of humankind.  If that isn’t a bit depressing, I don’t know what is.  Whether you like Death Magnetic or not, this video is pretty cool.

21 Days ‘Till Doomsday #5 – Doomsday (Six Feet Under)

If there were even a band to emphasize death and dying, Six Feet Under would be one of…well, many.  Today’s song of the countdown is Doomsday and comes off the album Commandment released in 2007.  This is one of several songs Six Feet Under centers around zombies…they seem to be popular these days.  I suppose the Mayans could not possibly predict a zombie infestation, but if that’s the case zombies move pretty slowly which increases my odds of survival.  I hope you enjoy this fine Monday and Six Feet Under kicking off our last five days till doomsday.

…death is now on its way waiting to end today
sludge of the human waste you will have died in pain
a plague has been let loose
sickness within us grows
death is now on its way waiting to end today…doomsday

21 Days ‘Till Doomsday #6 – Don’t Open ‘Till Doomsday (Misfits)

First, off I am not here to debate which era of the Misfits is best.  I know Danzig was there a long time, but I found the album American Psycho to be finger-snapping fu and my first ever Misfits album.  I even managed to catch them open for Megadeth once and had a rootin’ tootin’ good time.   Don’t Open ‘Till Doomsday is one of the many short songs on the 1997 release.  It warns of the dangers of sending a signal to space.  I believe this is something we have actually been doing for many years.  We may regret that someday.  In the song, now “they” are coming…

…We were warned of this coming so long ago
Immortal secrets… man shouldn’t know
Entering a realm where we just don’t belong
We called them and they’re coming…

I hope you enjoy your final Sunday of the Mayan calendar.  Are you even going to bother going to work this week?  I suppose you should just in case we are all here come Saturday morning.  Have a good week…some more cool metal songs coming our way for the final five.

Below is a pretty well done fan video. I it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the song, more of a horror movie montage, but fun to watch.

21 Days ‘Till Doomsday #7 – Doomsayer (Hatebreed)

Your doom awaits you!!
Selfish ones who think this world revolves for them
Around their games and illusions.
They give nothing but their hands are always out to take.

I guess now is a good time to make amends…it’s not to late, just one week to go.  I am thinking positively, so I went ahead and ordered my son a birthday cake anyway.  Poor kid is 7 on the 21st.  We’ll make it fun though no matter what happens on doomsday; raining blood, earthquakes, volcanos, zombies, or some sort of religious end-all event 😉 We’ll be eating cake and playing with some new toys we got for him.

Hatebreed is coming to you on our doomsday countdown.  Doomsayer can be found on their 2003 album The Rise of Brutality.  I like some good Hatebreed.  I can only listen to them in small durations, but when they make a good heavy song, they do it quite well.  Jasta has a strong voice; they meld together the best parts of Hardcore and Thrash.  Have a good weekend because it may be your last 😉

21 Days ‘Till Doomsday #8 – Troops of Doom (Sepultura)

Most rumors and predictions concerning the end of the world on the 21st revolve around some sort of natural world destruction.  They even made a movie about it (2012)…lots of special effects if you like that kind of thing.  I can’t imagine troops of any kind causing the world to end unless it is with the push of a few buttons or an alien invasion.  Needless to say, I have not prepped for either.  I am going out with a (head) bang.  Today’s song on our doomsday list is classic Sepultura with the song Troops of Doom.  You can find this song on the Schizophrenia album released in 1987.  Here is what they had to say at the time…

Total eclipse hides the Earth
The night of doom has come
Antichrist soldiers are proclaimed
To send souls to the Hell

Catastrophe and destruction
Mankind is slaughtered without mercy
Sulphur clouds are in the air
Legions winds corrode the universe

The Messiah’s, redeemers of mankind
Chained in the valley of Hades
Crowds blinded by evil
Only death is real

21 Days ‘Till Doomsday #9 – Death Walking Terror (Cannibal Corpse)

Death Walking Terror sounds like no matter what the means, the end result going to be bad…really bad.  Whether it’s zombies or the fall of mankind and ensuing chaos, Death Walking Terror embodies the darkness within all of us.  Sorry to get so deep.  I think this is a nice heavy song to represent our little countdown to extinction (hint for a song later on).  Nine days left…just barely over a week.  Have you suddenly become a doomsday prepper?  Maybe I should get a case of water or something.  In the meantime, enjoy this mother of all heaviness from Cannibal Corpse  This song appears on the album Kill released in 2006.   And as I said earlier in the countdown…have a super sparkley day!

21 Days ‘Till Doomsday #10 – Deathbringer From The Sky (Ensiferum)

High above the ground
Beyond the thunderclouds
A Black shade is flying alone
Once so feared among men
Now the legend is becoming too old
But finally the horrifying truth is about to unfold…

I like the story-telling in Ensiferum’s music.  I have to thank my blog parter (atleastimhousebroken) for getting me into this band.  I have thoroughly enjoyed their folk-metal stylings.  Today’s #11 is Deathbringer From The Sky which appears on the album Victory Songs released in 2007.  A very consistent band, Ensiferum is all about telling cool stories of which, this particular song could apply to end of the world prophecies.  I can’t believe we are down to 10 days already.  I guess I should start looking into a song for when (if) we wake up on the 22nd.  Enjoy and happy 12/12/12.