The Metal Elitist

tumblr_niwmgl7li31thdy8lo1_500I am not sure when I first started seeing people toss the word elitist around within the metal community.  I thought we are all playing for the same team whether your preferred genre be death metal, black metal, thrash metal, or blackened-technical-atmospheric-doom oriented metal with a touch of industrial-sludge.  After all, metal is metal even if your favorite band is Korn, right?  Apparently not.

Metal elitism exists, unfortunately.  If you are unsure you have ever met a metal elitist, you may very well be one.  But, here are some traits I have noticed about metal elitists while scanning forums, websites, and blogs for my daily dose of metal happenings.

  1. No matter what band you like, the metal elitist will always say they suck.
  2. No matter what shows you have seen live, they pale in comparison to those the metal elitist has been to. Even if you have seen the same bands live from the same tour, the show they saw in their city was better.
  3. You spent three days at a metal festival and had the time of your life. The elitist will still brag about the festival they went to 10 years ago…and it will have been better.
  4. No matter how jazzed you are about anything metal or metal-related, the elitist will take that away from you and crush your soul.
  5. Chances are, most of the music the elitist listens to is shit you’ve never heard of.
  6. You’re standing in line waiting to get into a show. They look at you and look at the shirt you are wearing and based on that shirt, their eyes roll and they turn around and ignore you.
  7. Everything the elitist likes is “the old shit.” They rarely, if at all, praise anything new.
  8. The elitist cannot be bargained with.
  9. The elitist’s opinion cannot be changed.
  10. If you are talking with an elitist and you agree with everything they say; congratulations, you are also an elitist.

c434f14efdeda11f14ac045f308a42c0Bottom line:  This shouldn’t be taken seriously.  However, it shouldn’t matter if someone is total fanboy (or girl) just can’t stop going on and on and on and on about Kamelot as if other bands don’t exist.  We’re all part of the metal family and should treat each other respectfully and respect others’ opinions.  Sometimes the best part of going to a show or hanging with metal friends is talking about metal, shows, lists, and being introduced to new music.  We should be a tight knit community and not allow ourselves to become divided by pointless snobbery. Strength in numbers, I say!

About Reggie

Just a dude writing a heavy metal blog and always on the prowl for a cool metal show. I am also a family man...first and foremost!

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  1. Tangled Up In Music (by Ovidiu Boar)

    Haha, the list was hilarious and painfully accurate.

  2. Casey Mahaffey

    It’s funny because we’ve all seen elitists do at least 1 thing from that list.

  3. Towards the end of the list I started to remember the Terminator. “He can’t be reasoned or bargained with and he won’t stop until Sarah Connor is dead!”
    Of course, I liked Terminator: Genesis better than metal elitists.

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