New Music Videos in June

A small selection of new music videos released in June, including Septekh, Being As An Ocean, Nekrogoblikon, Mutilation Rites, Deadspace and ColdSpell.


Being As An Ocean – Little Richie (melodic hardcore), from their self-titled third album released June 30.


Septekh – Superheated Liquid Iron Core (death/thrash) from last year’s album “Plan For World Domination”.


Nekrogoblikon – We Need A Gimmick (melo-death/core) from newly released “Heavy Meta”. Fun stuff!


Deadspace – The Promise Of Oblivion (depressive black metal) from new album “The Promise of Oblivion”, out now. Bandcamp stream.


Mutilation Rites – Contaminate (black metal) from last year’s “Harbringer”. Bandcamp stream.


ColdSpell – Legacy (hard rock), the fourth video from 2013 album “Frozen Paradise”.


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A friend told me that I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn.

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