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Concert Review: Death Angel, 3 Inches of Blood, Battlecross, Revocation, Diamond Plate

087It’s been a very long time since I had the opportunity to catch Death Angel in the splendor of a live setting.  If my memory serves me, it was August 19, 1990. Seven of us piled into some type of small white hatchback never meant for seven people and made our way an hour down the road to Boston, MA to this little dive called The Channel.  I am not sure if this place it still exists and there was nothing particularly exciting about the joint other than Death Angel was playing there.  They were in support of their Act III album and in tow were Forbidden along with two local bands called Cardinal Sin and Candy Striper Death Orgy…the latter was as entertaining as their name, I promise you that.  I believe this may have been the place where I got my first taste of the pit…because, well there wasn’t anywhere else to go; the entire place was a pit.  I also bought my favorite concert tee from that show and had that thing until it fell apart 10 years later.  The only things that remain from that evening are fond memories and a ticket stub which was hand-written from a local music store called Strawberries Records and Tapes.  Yeah, they are out of business now.  All in all, it was highly memorable for many reasons.  So, to see them again after more than two decades was highly anticipated to say the least.  To make the evening even better were some quality opening acts; 3 Inches of Blood, Battlecross, Revocation, Diamond Plate, and local band Artemesis.  Here is my story.

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Concert Review: Ghost B.C.

DSCN0012A secular haze descended over Denver on the 18th of April.  Ghost B.C. headlined their North American tour with Ides of Gemini and local Denver boys Speedwolf opening the set.  This was a much-anticipated tour stop for me as I have come to greatly appreciate the groovy styles and satanic bliss known as Ghost B.C.  After having seen them at Download 2012, I vowed to catch their shows any chance I can.  This was definitely an opportunity I was not going to miss for two reasons; 1 – they were supporting their new album Infestissumam; 2 – they were headlining and I wanted to experience all of Ghost B.C.’s grandeur.  From here on out, I will refer to them as (just) Ghost.

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