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Game Review: Dead Island (Xbox 360)

dead-island-boxCool video right?  I bought Dead Island because I thought it would be a quick mindless zombie killer game…kind of like Left 4 Dead.  Since I had recently played games that required my attention, killing zombies seemed like a fun way to pass time without exercising any brain cells.  I was wrong.  Dead Island turned into a lengthy campaign of survival and zombie smashing brutality complete with an open-world environment, main missions, and enough side quests to keep busy for quite some time.  Though this may sound appealing on the surface, and it was, Dead Island was not free from frustration, glitches, and a slow frame rate.  Overall, it wasn’t enough to keep me from finishing the game, but frustrating it was.  I did lose interest in trying to complete all of the side quests and eventually finished the game.  This isn’t starting off with fireworks, but it does get a little better.

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Theme Thursday- Heavy Metal Zombies

Yes, that's Scott Ian as a zombie.

Zombies.  Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re a force in pop culture that isn’t going away anytime soon.  From video games, to movies, to literature the living dead clawed, chewed, and gnashed their way into our hearts.  Why do we love these bumbling husks of humanity so much?  Probably because it gives us a chance to take our frustrations out on all the other ‘morons’ that get in our way on a daily basis.  Walking down a crowded street, haven’t you wished at least once you could drive a bulldozer over all the people in your way but tucked that thought in the back of your mind due to the legal consequences that come with it.  If everyone was a zombie I bet you wouldn’t even think twice before doing it.

Much like mowing down hordes of the undead in games and movies is a stress relief, so is music, and zombies have certainly found their way into that too, especially heavy metal.  Here’s a bunch of songs and music videos in many different styles of metal that pay tribute to societies favorite monster, the zombie.  What are some of your favorite metal songs and videos about zombies? Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Braaaaaiiiinnnnssssss!!!!

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