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Song of the Day- 4 March 2011, JATO Unit

Happy Friday Everyone,

Today’s SOTD is by someone for which I have a great deal of admiration and respect.  Of course, it helps that this talented musician is from one of my favorite bands, and is so metal that it spills over into his solo album. 

I think I posted a SOTD from this guy before, but I don’t remember when or what is was.  No matter.  It’s all metal!

The Song of the Day for 4 March 2011 is “JATO Unit” by Jeff Loomis, from the album Zero Order Phase.

Sometimes when a musician breaks away from their respective band, it can cause problems in the band.  This is not the case.  If anything, this has made me like Nevermore all the more, since the band is open to letting their members pursue other options.  Warrel Dane has done it with a solo album, and Jeff Loomis has as well.  I think the drummer Van Williams also has a side project called PureSweetHell.  I heard that a while back, but I am not sure it is still true.  If anyone wants to do some research and get back to me on this, I’ll give you some metal state cash, which is basically respect. 

Have a great metal weekend, damned ones.