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Xbox Games With Gold Update: Free Stuff

Best-Free-Software1One of the biggest complaints I hear from gamer buddies about online gaming is having to pay for it.  I understand that a whopping $50 to play Xbox online for an ENTIRE year is tough for some people, but they do give stuff away that might help take the edge of shelling out $50 to fry your brain shooting people, racing, or whatever it is you do online.  For Xbox Gold members, it’s that time again to announce the Games With Gold and Deals with Gold lineup.  They have just been updated.  Here is the listing. Read the rest of this entry


Free Games on Xbox This Month (Jan 2015)

For those who have Xbox One and/or Xbox 360; here are a few games ready for download for free if you are a Gold subscriber.  Enjoy these clips.  Personally, the D4 game looks interesting.  Anyone play it yet?

Xbox One:

Xbox 360:

Game Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts

call-of-duty-ghosts-xbox-360-game-medium_507869ef5b4d6e3d60f16bf3411472bdJust in-time for your preferred end-of-year holiday festivities, the makers of Call of Duty released its 10th installment in the series, Call of Duty:  Ghosts, the sixth with Infinity Ward.  Instead of continuing on with the Modern Warfare or Black Ops games, Ghosts introduces a less complicated story line which is nice considering the myriad of plot twists, locations, and playable characters from other games.  You still get some of that with Ghosts, but it’s far less complicated to follow.  As you would expect, the 2013 version has much of the same mechanics and same terror-infused storyline, but there are some new tweaks.

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Game Review: Driver San Francisco

$(KGrHqF,!lME5Yy,9wTFBOeJDDQ(sw~~_35I picked up Driver:  San Francisco for my kids.  They caught wind of it somewhere and wanted to give it a try.  I do remember playing the very first “Driver” game and thought they might dig it based on my past experience…what kid doesn’t like fast driving games?  I had no real interest in trying the game and when I saw my son leap (like Sam Beckett) out of his car and into another one actually becoming that driver, I thought the franchise lost it.  Driver:  San Francisco was nothing like I remember the old classic from 1999.  Then, I decided to give it a try and I realized the leaping from car to car was not only innovative, but integral to the story line…though it is silly, it worked.  Let me tell you about it.

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Game Review: Metro: Last Light

showposterArtyom is back a year after the events surrounding Metro 2033…the activation of the D6 silo and the ensuing missile attack on the Dark Ones.  As a result, Artyom is promoted to Ranger.  Controlling D6 has become a primary concern as it has been discovered there are enough resources to sustain the remaining population for a lifetime.  It comes to Artyom’s attention that one Dark One has survived the attack and instead of setting out to finish the job, Artyom is led to believe that the remaining Dark One is the key to the future.  Thus, the quest to find the Dark One again places Artyom in both above ground and in the Moscow Metro combating not only mutants, but other rival human factions determined to seize the rumored D6 stockpile of sustenance.  Seems easy, but Artyom is faced with conflicting orders.  1 – Artyom’s commanding officer Colonel Miller sends him to find the Dark One and kill it and 2 – Kahn the mystic nomad advises to make peace with it because it is the key to the future.  And so the adventure begins.  Decisions will have to be made.

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Game Review: Silent Hill Downpour (Xbox 360)

showposter (1)I’ve sort of developed a love/hate relationship with Silent Hill:  Downpour, the eighth game of the survival horror series.  The main thing I like about this game compared to my other favorite horror survival game, Resident Evil, is that the developers of Silent Hill remembered to include challenging, though sometime confusing, puzzles.  The hate part of this game is the frustrating controls and (mostly) whacked out story line.  No matter how hard I try to pay attention to any Silent Hill story, it ends up being a head-scratcher.  Though, this time the storyline is a bit simpler, it’s hard to follow at times because of how it’s told.  I have no problem with lengthy cut scenes, but having to read all the notes you find can be time-consuming.  However, reading will enhance the overall story experience if notes and journal entries something you don’t mind sifting through.

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Game Review: Dishonored

showposterMy kids told my wife they wanted to get me a game for my birthday.  Only problem was I had nothing on my short list of games wanted, so I had to do a little research and see what piqued my interest.  I came up with three games I secretly gave to my wife so my kids wouldn’t think I knew what was up and she would know what to buy on their behalf.  I gave them Dishonored, Metro Last Light, and a third game I do not remember at the moment.  I emphasized how I thought Last Light would be “really cool.”  On my special day I found Dishonored to my surprise.  My kids said they wanted to see me do the stealth thing.  They made a damn good choice.  If you were thinking about getting this game go ahead and do it, but read the rest of the spoiler-free review for why you should get it.

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Mik’s Top 25 All Time Favorite Video Games #5-1

the_witcher_medallion_2-1152x864-1000x750#5  The Witcher

It might seem surprising but this is one of the best looking games I’ve ever seen and it affected the game play greatly. I love how it looks like an artist carefully painted the surroundings, especially in the middle sequences and the different loading screens. Instead of trying to make it look as realistic as possible, they went for a more art-y atmosphere, which I really appreciate. I play for escapism, not to be reminded of how things are in real life. Here, the tone/attitude/mood in the game is completely different from other games, maybe because it’s based on a story from a different culture? It sounds fantastic, it looks fantastic. It’s dirty, violent and rough, mixed with some humor and silliness.  Lots of action, likable characters, magic, a little strategy, a bit of sex (the main character is quite the pimp…), gambling and fighting. I don’t have anything to complain about, this was a pure pleasure to play.


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Game Review: Dead Island (Xbox 360)

dead-island-boxCool video right?  I bought Dead Island because I thought it would be a quick mindless zombie killer game…kind of like Left 4 Dead.  Since I had recently played games that required my attention, killing zombies seemed like a fun way to pass time without exercising any brain cells.  I was wrong.  Dead Island turned into a lengthy campaign of survival and zombie smashing brutality complete with an open-world environment, main missions, and enough side quests to keep busy for quite some time.  Though this may sound appealing on the surface, and it was, Dead Island was not free from frustration, glitches, and a slow frame rate.  Overall, it wasn’t enough to keep me from finishing the game, but frustrating it was.  I did lose interest in trying to complete all of the side quests and eventually finished the game.  This isn’t starting off with fireworks, but it does get a little better.

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Mik’s Top 25 All Time Favorite Video Games #10-6

StarCraft_II_-_Box_Art#10 Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

I want to build, build and build. Huge masses of troops. Organize them, line them up, build more and place them out. And then I want to admire my frightening army of mighty Void Rays, enormous Colossi and powerful Archons for a good, long while, before I scare the shit out of my enemies and crush them like tiny ants under my feet. That’s how I imagine it anyway. Even though it’s a pure strategy game, I’ve never been much of a strategist in this game. But I guess that adds a surprise element; I never know what to do or how it will end, I never had a plan A or a plan B, I just improvise. I also really enjoy playing the campaign or a tower defense map.

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