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Sonic Cathedral’s female-fronted roundup for August

SonC logoMany thanks again to our buddies at Sonic Cathedral for sharing their reviews of the last month. In case you haven’t seen one of these posts before, we do a digest of their reviews. They specialise in rock and metal with female vocalists.

Everyone who is or wants to be anyone in FF rock and metal must, must visit Sonic Cathedral. They have a website/online store and a Facebook page. I don’t know any music site that goes into more depth in its reviews.


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Sonic Cathedral’s Top Female-Fronted Albums of 2014


Sonic Cathedral is the top website for news and reviews focused exclusively on female-fronted bands. That’s my honest opinion. Femme metal and associated modern FF genres have become hugely popular this century. No group of writers has better relations with the women of rock and metal than SC. No website publishes as much honest and deserved admiration for  the great female artists, their music and their gigantic crusade against gender prejudice in metal.

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Xandria’s Top Albums of 2013

Three for the price of one, from one of the world’s top symphonic/Gothic metal bands! And you were wondering if your subscription to this website was worth the $198 a year (unless you’re a very special person with a free subscription).

Does Xandria need any introduction? Of course! Lay-deez an’ gennermen, to headline the show, we are proud to present Dianne van Giersbergen on vocals, Gerit Lamm on percussion and Steven Wussow on bass, each with their list of favourite albums of the year. And… as a special bonus… we kick off with the whole of Xandria doing Forevermore from their album Neverworld’s End.

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