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Video of the Week: Bikini Sports Ponchin

We’ve gotten a couple of requests to post more bands like Sigh.  Problem is there is no band I can think of quite like those genre bending Japanese nutcases.  So how about this, here’s another off the wall Japanese metal band overflowing with creativity and super catchy songs.  If you are a fan of Japanese anime, then chances are you are already familiar with Maximum the Hormone as they have provided lots of music for anime such as Death Note and often cross paths with the J-pop sound by incorporating the saccharine sounds into their punchy and funky brand of metal. For the rest, the love of anime is not required to have this band put a smile on your face.

The video featured today, “Bikini Sports Ponchin” is filled to the brim with that classic Japanese WTF we’ve all come love (sans tentacles, well, kinda, just not in the way you’re thinking 😉 ).  The song has a great funk bass line (that bass player is definitely a Flea fan) that really makes the tune pop and the guttural growls and screams really give the already high energy level a good ol’ punch to ’11’.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!


Bonus Video: Koi No Mega Lover

I don’t care what anyone says, I f’n love this tune.  It’s so damn catchy and the video is WTF and hilarious.

Video of the Week: Lord Gold Throneroom

Some years ago I went to catch a Clutch show and since it has become standard for Clutch to bring some quality openers I made sure to get their early.  Stuff like a one man full set blues band (I really wish I could remember his name) or killer rock like Sixty Watt Shaman always made their shows so much more awesome by offering a complete evening of great music and beer.  Then one evening they surprised me by bringing a band called Horse: The Band with them.  I had never heard of them before and since Clutch usually brings bluesy bands with them, the impact of the first song hit me harder as I was doused with WTF.  Taking the stage complete with velour flare, handle bar mustaches, a guy who could double as Napoleon Dynamite, and enough spandex to make David Lee Roth and Bruce Dickinson blush Horse: The Band opened with the song that we have for the video of the week.  I left the show with their album that night.

Combining hardcore, chip tune keyboards, thrash, funky bass lines, a weird sense of humor, and an insane amount of experimentation, Horse: The Band blew me away.  This video is tweaked out trip and oddly fascinating.  Check it out and let us know what you thought.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!

And if you dug that, here’s a bit more WTF for you 😉

WTF Did I Just Listen To?

Did you ever play that game where you follow the Youtube recommendations so far deep that you end up in ‘that part of Youtube’?  Well today after some Youtube surfing I came across a video by an Austrian band named Kontrust and their video for “Sock ‘n’ Doll”.  I really don’t know what to make of this other than, I kinda like it.  It’s fun…. and different.  If you’re a metal purist you may want to stay clear, but if you want a good WTF laugh give it a watch, it’s got sock puppets.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!

And here’s another video by them I found to be quite the knee slapper.  Think: Austrian Soulfly.

Twisted and WTF Videogames Pt. I

To say video games are all soldiers, plumbers, and swords would be a false statement.  There have been many a game to come from some wild imaginations, and some of these imaginations are a twisted place not even Freddy Krueger would ever want to visit.  Wether it be twisted from a dark and creepy violent side or more of a WTF did the devs smoke edge, some games don’t have lack for any out of control imaginations.  Here are some of the 5 insane and twisted games I’ve played both of yesteryear and today (more to follow in the very near future).  Hope you enjoy and be sure to let us know what are some of your most favorite sick, twisted, and WTF games are.

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Satanic Disco Scandinavian Power Pop Black Dancing Metal

Here’s your “this is so terrible, but somehow I can’t stop listening to this song” train-wreck video of the day.  Enjoy(?) 2:50 of WTF brought to you by Semargl and their song “Join the Fire”.  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Loutallica Now Streaming Lulu

I’ll tell ya what.  The first song ain’t half bad, I dig it.  Then after that, why, just why?  It’s just a downward spiral.  But seriously, there are some interesting moments on this album that are pretty cool, but they are to far apart and there’s too much clashing of styles.  Only a couple times do the pieces seem to fit and it’s tolerable when the two styles are separate from each other.  I really don’t want to waste my energy on giving a full review of Lulu and having to listen to it again.  So let’s just say I really didn’t like it, but it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be.

If you’re interested, click on the picture below to go listen to the official stream and then come back here and let us know what you thought.

Oh, and you may not want to play this around the kiddies unless you want to explain various bodily fluids to them.