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Monday Metal Madness – Anthrax – Past, Present, Future

Congrats to Agalloch for taking 100% of the votes in last week’s poll.

Now that we’ve had time to absorb the Belladonna/Anthrax reunion, let’s see how you feel about it. I have seen many arguments about whether or not John Bush was the best thing to happen to Anthrax. But, now he is gone and Belladonna is back. This argument nearly rivals the great Hagar/Roth debate of Van Halen just on a bit of a lesser scale. Where do you stand? Below are two videos to help you decide. The first features Belladonna with a new song, The Devil You Know. The second with former vocalist John Bush for Room For One More.

Video(s) of the Week – The Devil You Know & Anthem

This week’s first video is a collage of a year in the life of Anthrax.  It is my personal favorite song on Worship Music, The Devil You Know.  There is some pretty cool footage of Anthrax at Yankee Stadium at the Big Four along with back stage clips with fans, etc…  Not a revolutionary video as far as videos go, but pretty good clips of the band.

The second video is this double video presentation, is Iced Earth’s Anthem.  It is very similar in style of The Devil You Know, so I thought I would bring both of them to you this week. Although not entirely creative, at least you get to check out Stu Block’s stage presence in the band.  The fans seem to be enjoying it.

Reggie’s (Plantera7’s) Top 15 Albums of 2011

To me, 2011 was a great year for metal. September, in particular, was a busy month and full of quality releases. The following list is my personal Top 15 for the year with a brief explanation for each. I hope you had a great 2011. I look forward to another year of concerts, awesome metal albums, and more importantly chatting with you about everything metal!

If you are surpised to see that a particular band you like didn’t make my list, it might just be that I didn’t get a chance to listen to that album, such as Moonsorrow for example.  I just never got it, but I see it on many blogger’s lists.  I wish I had all the time in the world to sample new stuff, but taking into consideration where I am now compared to about 4 years ago…my horizons have been seriously broadened and I owe that to fellow bloggers (especially Matt) and readers who post about the bands they like.  Thank you for tuning in this year.  We look forward to a new and exciting 2012 in metal!

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Antrhax – Worship Music – Review

September 13th was a great day for metal and the second week of the September slaughter.  Anthrax released their first new album, Worship Music, in….get this, 8-years.  Was it worth the wait?  Hell yeah!  First, let me say that I do not expect another 8-year wait for the next recording. I fully expect Anthrax to release new material by fall of 2013.  I think that’s ample time, just sayin.  Ok, on with the review of Worship Music.

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Anthrax – Releases The Devil You Know

Anthrax is part of the September Slaughter of new metal releases.  They have just released their second song off their forthcoming release Worship Music.  For the Belladonna nay sayers out there…your days are numbered.   This is awesome Anthrax music!  Check out this song, I am looking forward to the release with all the others in September.  Worship Music is out on the 13th, by the way.

Song of the Week – Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t

Anthrax is among the many bands set to release new material in the September slaughter just a month away.  To give you a preview of what is to come I am posting Anthrax’s new single Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t as the song of the week.  Worship Music marks Anthrax’s first new album in 8 years and also marks the return of singer Joey Belladonna.  Here is the YouTube clip so you can hear it for yourself.

Have a great rest of the week.

New Release…Worship Music

The September slaughter continues. I think we are up to five solid metal releases so far for September 2011; now you can add one more.  Anthrax is FINALLY going to release their new material with Belladonna on vocals.  Worship Music is slated for a September 13, 2011 release which would coincide roughly with their September Big Four performance at Yankee Stadium in New York.  That ought to be nice for the hometown crowd.

I like what Anthrax has offered to the metal world with both Bush and Belladonna.  I am a bit skeptical to hear new music after 8 years of…well nothing much.  I am not going to anticipate it too much, but I am looking forward to hearing it.  Here is an excerpt from Anthrax’s website regarding Worship Music:

“I get goosebumps listening to the new music,” Benante admitted. “Scott and Rob’s guitars are absolutely on fire, Frankie kicks butt on bass, and hearing Joey sing, well, the band sounds like Anthrax – Joey’s back and it’s great.”

I guess the rest is up to the ear of the beholder.  I know many metal fans think that Anthrax is overrated and should never have been part of the Big Four, but there is no denying their fame and what they have done for metal.  I believe they spawned the entire genre of nu-metal (Limp Bizkit types), but whatever, I dig their music and look forward to seeing them this year at Sonisphere UK with the rest of the Big Four.  Anthrax does put on a good show especially if you see them in a smaller venue.

Here is a video clip of Anthrax’s glory days complete with jams and high-tops.

Here is Belladonna singing Only which was recorded with John Bush.