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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2002 / #12 – #10

MetalCatEternal, endless infinity. Against the seasons. Here and beyond. The themes of metal songs may be predominantly dark and bleak, but they are certainly more wide-ranging than “Hey, hey, do you wanna be my boyfriend.”

Come to think of it, I can’t offhand remember any metal love songs. Maybe I’ll have to do a series of Most Tender Metal Songs of Hugging and Affection. Or maybe not. I hugged Dark Metal Cat and lost both my forearms.


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Top 10 Halloween Songs

Since this past Wednesday was Halloween, I was going through my iPod listening to songs I considered to have a Halloween theme. It’s probably no surprise that many of them were by metal bands. By the end of the day I had come up with what I thought provided the best soundtrack for the day. Feel free to leave suggestions as to what I should put on my playlist for next year!

10-I Was Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery by Woods of Ypres: The song is a haunting one, perhaps best suited for those with a more philosophical side to them. After all, who knows what the afterlife holds and what happens if you’re a ghost.

9-This Situation is Getting Hairy by the Workout:  What would you do if someone you knew turned into a werewolf? The Workout seek to answer this in this semi-romantic song.

8-Dragula by Rob Zombie: Zombie describes what might make for a good Halloween night: Burning witches! (Maybe I’m a little biased on this one since  I live close to Salem)

7-Welcome Home by King Diamond: Having your granny back in your life may seem nice at first, but turns into a nightmare when you realize she rose from the dead.

6-The Fatal Feast by Municipal Waste: Two words: Space Cannibalism

5-Enter Sandman by Metallica: Metallica’s hit song and accompanying music video gave me plenty of nightmares as a child.

4-Bark At the Moon by Ozzy Osbourne: Horror is a theme in classic Ozzy tunes but this one’s particularly campy. Bonus: Ozzy in werewolf makeup.

3-Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden has some pretty dark songs but this one is the most nightmare worthy.

2-American Psycho by the Misfits: There are plenty of spooky songs by the Misfits but this encapsulates the way one feels when watching a classic slasher flick.

1-War Pigs by Black Sabbath: Iron Man is the usual Halloween favorite to play but this embodies the holiday perfectly.

Song of the Week: I Was Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery by Woods of Ypres

It seems that Autumn is finally upon us (well in Italy anyways).  The temperature is just right, a myriad of oranges, reds, and yellows are adorning the trees, and that Fall scent is in the air.  Such a wonderful time of the year as well as my favorite.  Along with all of the beautiful things that the season has to offer, Autumn also bears a hint of sadness to it.  Trees lose their leaves and animals escape to their burrows to get ready for hibernation for the winter.  There is more room for solitude and introspection.  I guess that is why my musical tastes during the colder seasons shifts from the high energy metal like thrash and power metal I spin often during the warmer months to more, for lack of a better term, ‘deeper’, thought-provoking music like post-metal, doom metal, and Opeth styled prog metal.

To capture both the beauty and sadness of the season, this weeks song of the week does an excellent job in my mind.  The ‘subtlety’ titled “I Was Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery” pretty much sums up the sadness theme of the season personifying the passing of the season in a human form.  The music, while also portraying much sadness, exudes such a positive and powerful energy that it is next to impossible to not stop and take notice of its beauty.  The Gothic and doom-y Type-O-Negative sound paired with hints of black metal make Woods of Ypres quite a unique listen.

Unfortunately, close to a year ago, David Gold, the creative driving force behind the band, died in a car accident (no drugs or alcohol were found on premise or in his system) mere days away from the release of their new album which was acclaimed both critically and from the fans.  Turns out that Mount Pleasant Cemetery is a real place near where he grew up in Canada and he is now buried there.  How’s that for some freaky premonition?  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!