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Tales From Bandcamp: Wimfolsfestta by Wall of the Eyeless

a0693749837_10It’s always good to keep ones ear to the underground lest one may miss out on the occasional gem that rolls on by making a cry for genuine attention yet gets smothered by the deluge of all the other bands (and many other gems) vying for your ear for a small amount of time.  While wading in the sea of unsigned bands, Wall of the Eyeless screamed just loud enough to catch my ear and I’m happy I dove in to investigate the muffled cries.  With their new demo album (which doesn’t sound demo quality at all) Wimfolsfestta I found myself really impressed with their base of melodic death metal which is tinged with prog tendencies and blackened edges.  And in the about 30 minutes the album played on I was quite engaged and all around simply enjoying the music.

Sure, it’s a tad rough around the edges, but this is one band that has some nice potential and deserves a few minutes in the spotlight (though posting here on this random blog probably won’t give it to them).  Anywho, check the record out and if you like it toss them a few bucks or share them with someone you think might be down to enjoy the record.  Peace Love and Metal!!!