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Matt’s Top 10 Non-Metal Things of 2012

2012-So-FarIn case any of you may be curious as to what we enjoy outside the realm of metal we decided to do a list of non-metal things that we highly enjoyed this year, like music other than metal/hard rock, movies, video games.  Me and Reggie will both be doing one, so you can get 20 great suggestions of some really neat things.  Last year I allowed myself to add things that I discovered that year, but this year I’m limiting myself to stuff released in 2012, with the exception of video games because a lot of 2011 games didn’t get time to get played by me until 2012.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

#10 Maserati VII by Maserati

I’ve known about this band for a little while now and have enjoyed their unique brand of electronic infused groovy instrumental prog rock, but this year I found myself completely entranced with their latest album simply titled Maserati VII.  Each song is just overflowing with great beats (made with real drums) and Chris Farley-sized grooves (played with real bass and guitars).  Great music for just chilling out, popping in at a party, or cruising at high speeds in your, ummm, Maserati.

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Game Review: Hotline Miami

Hotline_Miami_coverUpon waking up from a long and restful sleep that lasted well into the late afternoon the young man rubs the sleep from his eyes and goes about his daily routine.  He washes up, gets dressed, and goes to check his answering machine.  After a couple of messages from family and friends his employer informs him about yet another odd job that needs to be done.  This time he has to fill in for a DJ at a nightclub and requests that the man be dressed to kill.  He dons his silver motorcycle jacket and heads out to work.

Arriving at the club he puts a mask resembling a rooster on to conceal his identity and then bursts through the door knocking the armed bouncer to the floor where he proceeds to climb on top of him and repeatedly thrust his clasped fist into the unsuspecting guard’s head until nothing but a pile of brain, blood, and bits of skull paint the floor.  By now other guards in the club have taken notice that something has gone awry, but even in their quick reaction they can help avoid being blind sided by the billy club the bouncer was once holding.  Swipe after swipe the man opens their heads like eggs leaving smatterings of blood across the walls and floor.  To the dismay of the other guards in the room one of their felled co-workers had a pistol in his possession which has now been turned on them.  The sharpshooter accuracy of their attacker is unparalleled as he meticulously connects bullets to vital organs and aims for joints to remove limbs that would give them a fair advantage.  To the mans demise a guard with a knife is hiding around a corner and as the killer makes his way to the angle he jumps out and buries the blade deep in the mad man’s throat.  [Game Over – Press A To Restart]….

Arriving at the club he puts a mask resembling a rooster on to conceal his identity and then bursts through the door……

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Song of the Week: Funambulist by Cormorant

Recently reported over on, founder and driving force behind progressive black metal band Cormorant, Arthur Von Nagel, has left the band to pursue his other passion of making video games.  Being quite the gamer myself, I am sad to see him leave such an amazing band, but he left to continue his job at Telltale Games.  If you haven’t deduced yet, I’m a big fan of adventure games, and Telltale makes some of the best money can buy, including the Sam and Max series, The Back to the Future games, the Monkey Island reboot, and the hugely successful modern adventure game masterpiece, The Walking Dead (even if you’re not a fan of the show or adventure games, play that game).  So I am happy to see him put his talents into something else very worthy and Cormorant will continue as a band.  They will recruit a new vocalist/bassist and go forth with Arthur’s blessing.  I hope that they will continue to write, record, and release quality and unique music as they have been doing since the bands inception and I’ll continue to support them.

So in mourning, this weeks Song of the Week will come off of my favorite album of theirs, Dwellings (which landed at #4 on my best of 2011 list and #68 on my all time favorite albums list).  “Funambulist” recounts the tale of a tightrope walkers dangerous walk and shows through symbolism the extents that man will go to be closer to, challenge, or surpass ‘God’.  If you have yet to grab Dwellings you can get your copy here for what ever price you feel it’s worth (free even).  Enjoy and check out the press release from Arthur after the jump.  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

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Themed Thursday – Videogame Downloads

Instead of doing my usual theme on something music-based, I am covering some gaming stuff this week.  Recently, I have accumulated several classic downloadable games.  Do you have extra points left over from your gamer points card?  Never fear, I have a few ideas for you to spend them and have fun reaping the rewards.  Here are some fully downloadable games (listed below) that I found on both the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.  If you have some points left over or are just itching to buy a points card and download something that doesn’t cost you $60.00, then check out these games.  All of the games listed below are from 400-800 points on either Nintendo or Xbox 360.  They may also be found on Playstation 3, but I don’t have that console.

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Reggie’s (Plantera7’s) Top Nonmetal Things of 2011

Other than metal, I do have other entertainment interests.  This is why this (best of) list is titled Top 10 Nonmetal Things of 2011.  I am sure you have other interests outside metal. What are they?  This list includes anything that has piqued my interest throughout the year.  In some cases, the item may not be a specific new release in 2011, but was new to me this year.

10. Pirate Latitudes

This is the book that Michael Crichton never had published.  The reason for that is because it doesn’t meet the expectations of his later works.  I think this might have been one of his first attempts at a novel that got shelved for many years.  After he died it got some help and was released.  It’s basically a pirate story from the depths of the dirty pirate-ridden Caribbean hundreds of years ago.  There is no scientific message or anything that makes you go hmmmm, like you would see in Prey, Timeline, or Jurassic Park.  It’s just a story; I like it, but also the only book I read this year that didn’t have anything to with music.

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