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Video of the Week – Unfit for Human Consumption

This video has been out a while as was the killer album Surgical Steel.  It made my #2 album of the year in 2013 and it’s still stimulating that mass of gel and tissue between my ears.  I am not one to normally notice when videos are released.  I am normally asleep at the wheel when it comes to videos.  The forums of the world do a great job posting then when they come out, but I still miss them…to include this gem, Unfit for Human Consumption.  Yes, today is my first viewing and probably is for some of you too.  I can’t be the only one missing out right?

I like the subtle close-ups of the instruments (both medical instruments and the ones the band plays).  I like when the focus is not directly on the band, but other imagery.  Though some of the video is a bit cheesy toward the end, I still think that the simple things make for cool videos.  See for yourself and have a great weekend!

Video of the Week: Cockroach King by Haken

Fact: Muppets make anything more awesome.  Fact: Queen is an awesome band and Bohemian Rhapsody is an awesome video.  Fact: Haken’s new single “Cockroach King” is prog metal awesomeness.

What happens when you mix all these awesome facts together?  You get one of the most awesome videos you will ever see.  I really can’t see how Haken could have visually represented “Cockroach King” any better and the nods to Queen are just too cool.  Give it a watch along with their other super trippy video for “Pareidolia”.  Both are off their new album The Mountain which in super quick review format (full review coming soon…ish) is a must for any self-appriciating fan of anything prog and if you don’t check it out you should feel ashamed of yourself.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Video of the Week: マキシマム ザ ホルモン “え・い・り・あ・ん” (ALIEN) by Maximum the Hormone

One of the places I’d love to visit one day is Japan.  Their culture is just so incredibly different that of the Western American and European cultures I’ve assimilated myself in.  Seriously, just watch the below video for ALIEN by Japanese Idon’tknowwhatthefucktocallit-core band Maximum the Hormone.  The song is flat-out awesome and the video is just nuts.  I love everything about it.  And below the video for ALIEN you can watch the other recent video for the band (I don’t know what the title translates into), which is cool but not as WTF as the one above.  Also, do look into more music from Maximum the Hormone, they are a tremendous band that sounds unlike anything out there.  Let us know what you thought.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Video of the Week – The Funerary Dirge of a Violinist

Carach Angren’s style of black metal is a little different than most. It’s characterized by symphonic elements of classical music and with a well written story behind every album, each of their songs tend to be a very theatrical listening experience.

Their latest release Where the Corpses Sink Forever is a collection of songs about people who lived during the two World Wars and every song is a separate story about death from various viewpoints. This brand new video premiered this Wednesday and it’s for the track called “The Funerary Dirge of a Violinist“. In the beginning of the video, a young modern-day couple find an old diary written by a soldier during World War II and as they read it we get to see what happened to him. A soldier that never wanted to go to war, never wanted to kill. The music is his only escape..

It’s one of my favorite Carach Angren songs and it expresses the violinist’s inner struggles really well through the lyrics and the music. They really put alot of effort into creating a professional video that brings the story to life.


“I’ve had enough of this sickening war and its murderous puppets!

They don’t understand

the language of music cannot be spoken in death

I never took a life!

Maybe now is the time to take mine

In the name of music; shall I cut my wrists

or hang myself high by a violin string?

A symphonic suicide is what I shall bring!”


Matt’s Top 10 Music Videos of 2012

2012-So-FarMan, there were a ton of cool videos this year and it seems like the trend of the band recording performance footage in a murky basement while looking tough is being gravitated away from.  This year I saw much creativity put into the music video and on a couple of them, it led me to actually go out and buy the album (the others I was going to buy the record anyways).  Like Reggie, I’m going to keep the commentary on the video to a minimum and just let the video speak for itself.  I hope you enjoy these videos and share with us some of your favorite videos from 2012.  Peace Love and Metal!!!!!

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Video of the Week-Tragedy’s A Comin’

Fresh off the boat Primus serve up a tasty dish of celluloid for your veiwing pleasure.  Their new video is for the song “Tragedy’s A Comin'” and it’s off their latest released Green Naugahyde.  Not much to say other than it’s Primus doing what Primus does best, making awesomely weird videos.  This time you get a spaceman, Les in a lobster costume, and some snobs eating at a highclass restaurant(reminded me a bit too much of my first job as a prep bitch at a classy seafood place).  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Friday Night Video Fight – Five Finger Death Punch Vs. Evile

Five Finger Death Punch has pretty much established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.  They rock their live performances as they intertwine Scandinavian melody with American Thrash.  Not too many bands do it quite like 5FDP.  Most of their videos are serious, except for their latest Under and Over it, which is built around sarcasm and chock full of cleavage and butt-cracks; nice ones though.  Under and Over it is the first track off their forthcoming release American Capitalist due out on October 11, 2011. 

British thrashers Evile have also released their first video for Cult off their forthcoming release Five Serpents Teeth out on September 26,2011. Evile is making a name for themselves outside of the United Kingdom appearing at the summer festivals around Europe and also touring the U.S.  Five Serpents Teeth is Evile’s third release and they are proving to grow musically with each album.  If you don’t find yourself headbanging to this…you might need to re-evaluate your status as a metal fan.  Evile is embarking on a 19-date tour of the UK to include one stop in Ireland.  Be sure to catch them because I think I already missed the boat on that one.