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Tales From Bandcamp: Preschtale by C-jeff

Click here to go to the Bandcamp pageA lot of times when I would rock out to some Dream Theater in the car with my friends that weren’t familiar with the band, or prog in general, they would often say that DT sounded like video game music.  IMO, they couldn’t be more wrong and I was always quick to elaborate my opinion on that.  But that did make me wonder, what if DT actually did make music for video games (the 8/16-bit ones), what would it sound like?  Well, I think I found my answer to that question on Bandcamp.

Chiptune artist C-jeff has created himself quite the masterpiece in Preschtale.  Taking heavy influences from the aforementioned Dream Theater as well as Pink Floyd this album creates some wonderful spacy soundscapes that flow between the chill and groovy to the heavy and hard-hitting to dark and foreboding.  Seriously, if Nintendo ever gets around to finally making a quality Metroid game again they need to hire this guy to write the music.  It doesn’t take long for the record to kick into full gear and you will quickly forget that the majority of this music was made using old video game systems and a computer.  If you’re in the mood for something different and very ‘proggy’ do check this record out and grab yourself a copy (it’s ‘pay what you want’).  Enjoy!!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

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