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Song of the Week: Verbrannte Erde

So since yesterday I’ve been kicking an idea around in my head, and the more I mess with it the more I have fun doing it.  It involves the combination of 2 things I have enjoyed for many years now, which are cheesy fantasy novels and heavy metal.  Unlike many projects I set out to do, I am going to push to actually accomplish this one.  I’m looking to create a fantasy world complete with knights, epic battles, dragons, elves, dwarves, and all that other stereotypical fantasy based around different genres of metal.  For example, power metal would be the arrogant and elegant nobles, thrash would be like the raiders from Mad Max, black metal would be the self-isolated people who thrive for a pure race, the prog metallers would be a complex mystical race, kinda like the Protoss from Starcraft, etc etc.  I’ve drafted out a couple of charts and have been kicking a couple storylines around in my head.  My aim is to make a somewhat silly concept having a laugh a the stereotypes of both fantasy and metal, but at the same time add good bouts of seriousness and maturity to balance it out and try to make the various characters believable.  On paper it’s looking like a cool idea, but alas I have no training in writing or things of this sort other than what I write on this blog here and the tons of short stories I wrote throughout my youth which are now lost in oblivion.  It’s worth a try anyways (and will be much better written than the short story I wrote from the hip yesterday that got the gears running on the idea) and I’ll keep updates popping up here and there.

Anyways while I was sitting jotting down different ideas and makeshift character and race charts a song from German folk metal band Equilibrium came on and I thought that it would be a perfect song to have playing during an epic battle and let to images of an army creeping over a hill on the verge of an attack on the opposition.  After Google translating the lyrics “Verbrannte Erde” (Scorched Earth) is about almost just that, a huge, epic battle.  Anyways check the tune out and if you have yet to check out anything by Equilibrium do so, everything they have released is solid gold.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!