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Reggie’s Top 15 of 2012

2012Just when I thought 2011 was a banner year for metal, I think 2012 might be equal to or better in terms of both quality music and sheer volume of albums released.  It surely was not a dull moment if you ask me; it seemed like I was listening to at least a couple new albums each week.  Interestingly, I can probably look at half my list and tell you that some of these albums, I had no idea were coming.  They completely snuck on me or I never expected them like Kreator…a band I nearly forgot about came out with a killer album.  The band at #15 I never knew existed until just a few weeks ago and I am still impressed with them.  There are definitely some surprises on my list this year.  Some of these bands have been around for years and I am only now getting into them. I hope you had a great 2012 in metal!  Here are my Top 15 albums of 2012.

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Album Reviews: Unsung Heroes by Ensiferum

One thing I really appreciate in music is when a band uses an album title that really fits with what is contained on the record.  Such is the case with Ensiferum’s new release, Unsung Heroes.  Throughout all of Ensiferum’s previous releases my favorite tracks off each album weren’t when they turned the speed dial to 11 and galloped forth with abandon.  It was when they slowed down a bit to a mid to fast-mid pace and really took their time to let their killer melodies sink in.  Songs like “The Wanderer” off of Victory Songs or “Smoking Ruins” off of From Afar only came as a few on each record, but always shined as the unsung heroes on their respective albums amid all of the blistering quality songs surrounding them.  While there are some classic, lightning speed tunes on Unsung Heroes there is also a definite homage paid to those mid paced, anthemic songs that really made their past albums stand out.

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