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Sonic Cathedral’s female-fronted roundup for June

SC logoOur thanks go again to our buddies at Sonic Cathedral for sharing their reviews of female-fronted albums with us. Since we don’t review a great number of albums of the type that Sonic Cathedral does, our monthly digest of their reviews covers a lot of musical territory.

Like Metal State, Sonic Cathedral usually selects which albums to review from the dozens and sometimes hundreds released every month. As a result, their reviews cover the best of the best. They choose their material so well that Sonic Cathedral is widely recognised as the site for FF fans, bands and labels.

They reviewed eight albums during June. Here’s a brief look at all of them. Women have been at the heart of music for thousands of years, and it’s gratifying to note how many women continue to be supreme performers in every genre I can think of.


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Interview: Unleash The Archers

Unleash The Archers is a genre-fusing metal band from Western Canada who should appeal to your senses. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out I am not surprised because they haven’t really left Canada yet. Once you check out their video below, I think it is safe to say that will soon change. I had a chance to catch up with one of the vocalists, Brittney Hayes, to talk about their music, road experience, and what we can expect from Unleash The Archers in the near and not-so-distant future. Check out the interview below and enjoy!

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Video of the Week – General of the Dark Army

I was intrigued when I came across Unleash The Archers through email.  Right off the bat, my instinct told me they were about creating music of epic proportions.  The name of a band tells a lot.  I would have also assumed Unleash The Archers would be from Finland or something like that just based on the name.  I was right about the epic part, but wrong about location.  These Canadians aptly named themselves something appropriate for their thrash/death/power metal fusion.

General of the Dark Army is the second video by Unleash The Archers off their 2011 release Demons of the AstroWaste.  The epic song brings to life the vision of vocalist Brittney Hayes.  Their debut album is a concept that follows the “exploits of a young mercenary as he adventures through space, whilst under the power of an incredibly old and evil sword.”  I also found it amazing that the band was able to film this video with contributions totaling just under $3,000.  Unleash The Archers is a very resourceful band that wants to tell their story.  Therefore, a great pick to close out the week with their video for General of the Dark Army.  Have a great weekend and a Memorial Day weekend in America.