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Tales from Bandcamp: Corned Beef Colossus by Steak

a3233518088_10Things that are great about being a vegetarian:

  • Overall healthier lifestyle
  • More excuses to eat lots of beans and avocados
  • You enjoy The Black Metal Vegan Chef even more and actually make the recipes
  • You’re not obliged to take part in this bacon cult/fad
  • Not having to kill cute, little animals

Things that suck about being a vegetarian:

  • Feeling guilty for totally inhaling these A-1 slathered meaty riffs and grooves with reckless abandon


Hailing from the U.K. the appropriately named Steak deliver Kyuss-ian riffs and fuzz packed with attitude and a smattering of Worcestershire.  Their second E.P. is a quick little appetizer to what is sure to be a beefy debut album (which will be released in Sept. through Napalm Records, be on the lookout for some words about that one.  Also check out their new video from that record below as well).  If you happen to be in the mood for nice bluesy stoner rock, do yourself a goodun’ and click that play button.  As always, if you dig on what you hear, be a chap and toss the artists a few bucks and grab a copy of the record for yourself.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Album Review: Cold Summer – Wake EP

The etymology of post-hardcore can be considered as one of the murkiest to discern by those unfamiliar; some bands maintain parts of the old hardcore style and drop in experimental sections, others take the post- element and run with it, yet further examples use post-hardcore as an excuse to slip in clean vocals into an otherwise abrasive style of music. So what would happen if one EP were to incorporate all three approaches? UK quartet Cold Summer attempt just that on their sophomore Wake EP, which features new vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Dan Feast. Four and a half tracks make up 14 minutes of diverse songwriting that cite Poison The Well, Thursday and La Dispute as reference points, although these less-seasoned post-hardcore ears hear some very different styles.

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Concert Review: Baroness

To be writing this concert report is slightly surreal to say the least, given the circumstances that unfolded the day after, but I feel motivated to give my thoughts on the happier side of events, the Tuesday evening filled with enjoyable music and excitable people in a small venue in Bristol. Several other gigs were on in the area at that time, but I was certainly glad to be attending this one, despite only knowing the headliner’s latest release Yellow & Green. But first, to describe the venue.

The Fleece in Bristol is a bar-cum-gig venue, relatively small in size and anti-moshpit in setup: several support poles that would be quite painful to run headlong into. That aside (and thankfully Baroness are not a moshpit band), it has a cozy atmosphere, particularly with the posters adorning the walls (Muse, The Dandy Warhols and Amy Winehouse to name a few), and a decent view of the stage from everywhere in the venue. And so, eventually the lights dimmed and the first band were up: local lads Black Elephant.

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Sonisphere Festival UK Update

Sonisphere promoters FINALLY got around to making their first announcement for the UK edition to be held over the weekend of 6-8 July.  Of course, this is good for UK residents and those that want to travel here for the festival.  My initial thoughts seeing the three headliners was…really?  But, now that I take another look, there are a ton of bands I have never seen before.  Download has a great lineup so far, but I have seen most of those bands multiple times.  Sonisphere is offering something a bit different this year and it’s making me a bit interested.  Here is the run-down starting with the headliner in bold:

Friday:  Kiss, Within Temptation, Wolfmother.

Saturday:  Queen w/Adam Lambert, Evanescence, Tim Minchin (Comedian), The Darkness, Flogging Molly, Lacuna Coil, Gojira, Katatonia, Ghost, Fields of Nephlim.

Sunday:  Faith No More, Incubus, Refused, Marilyn Manson, Mastodon, Cypress Hill, Andrew W.K., The Blackout, Switchfoot, I Killed The Prom Queen

If you don’t know who Adam Lambert is, he was on American Idol a few years ago.  He would probably do Queen songs just fine, though I was never that much of a Queen fan anyway.

The day I am most interested in is Sunday with Faith No  More, Marilyn Manson, and Mastodon.  According to the poster, Mastodon will be performing the entire album, The Hunter.  There is also much more room for big names to fill up the main and second stages.  I am definitely interested so see what gets added to the lineup as festival times draws near.

Theme Thursday – UK Metal

After my theme on Canadian metal bands, I figure it’s time to move over to an area I currently reside in; The United Kingdom.  I am sure you are well aware of the UK’s illustrious contributions in metal; therefore, I am not going to rehash some of the legends that have poured out of this region such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, or even Def Leppard.  I am going to try to stay away from more well-known artists such as Cradle of Filth and Dragonforce.  Before I begin my discussion about what is current on these islands, I will give a brief overview of the UK mainly for my American brothers and sisters of metal.

The UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.  I am stationed in England where the population is about 51 million (2008 estimate).  To put that into perspective, England is about the same size as the American State of Indiana.  The population of Indiana is about 6.5 million and is the 15th most densely populated American State.  England may be small in landmass, but is huge on international influence and culture to include heavy metal.  Many consider England to be the birthplace of metal, more specifically, in Birmingham.  So here we go.  This is what the UK has to offer right here and now.

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SOTD- 10 December 2010

Happy Friday Metalheads!

Today’s song of the day is “Ghost Division” by Sabaton, from their album “The Art of War”

I went to the Sonisphere festival at Knebworth, UK earlier this year.  Before that day, I had never heard any of Sabaton’s music.  They were the first band we saw that day, and we were waiting to see Evile on a second stage.  When we stopped to catch some of their show, I was blown away.  Sabaton opened with this song, and I knew within the first 15 seconds of their show that I was a fan.  It was great to find a new band to listen to.

That’s enough from my soapbox.  Have a great weekend, everyone.  Album of the Week posting is tomorrow.