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Album of the Week

Hello Metal Fans,

Tired of only getting a single track’s worth of metal state per day?  Fear not, the first Album of the Week is here!

For the album of the week, the contributors have decided just to pick an awesome album, and post it.  Simple as that.

So, without further delay, the Album of the Week for 2-8 October, 2010 is:

“Twilight of the Thunder God”, by Amon Amarth 

Quick Album Facts
Label: Metal Blade
Release Date: September 2008
Total Tracks: 10
Album Length: 43.28

Track Listing
1. Twilight of the Thunder God
2. Free Will Sacrifice
3. Guardians of Asgaard
4. Where is Your God
5. Varyags Of Miklagaard
6. Tattered Banners And Bloody Flags
7. No Fear for Setting the Sun
8. The Hero
9. Live for the Kill
10. Embrace of the Endless Ocean

This album is one of only a handful of albums I would give 5 out of 5 devil horns.  This is a ridiculously awesome album, and EVERY TRACK is great.  If I was forced to pick my top three tracks from the album, they would be:

-Twilight of the Thunder God
-Live for the Kill
-Guardians of Asgard

Amon Amarth is easily one of my top 12 bands, and this album really cemented them as viking metal masters.  Have a listen, and you will not be disappointed.