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Trocaria – Broken EP

a0773624723_2Trocaria is a female-fronted dark metal band out of North Carolina.  They were featured here once before when they released their EP The Dark Nears which you can check out here.  Now, Joan Palmer is the sole proprietor of Trocaria and has released her second EP, Broken, which contains five songs including a Bathory cover of The Lake.  A band that goes against the grain of American popularity, Trocaria continues to lace together dark melodies and combines them with brutal elements of both haunting and guttural vocals all sung by Palmer.  She’s been busy.

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Album Review: Trocaria – The Dark Nears

Named after a piece of equipment used in the embalming process, Trocaria blends Gothic and Symphonic metal into a blissfully ominous experience.  If you asked me to listen to a band that embraces these two genres, I would assume they are from England or the far reaches of Scandinavia.  However, this two-piece hails from the deep woods of North Carolina, USA (City of Charlotte, actually) and is set to release their debut album The Dark Nears on 25 May 2012.  If there is one thing America needs in metal is more diversity.  It’s a tough market for some metal subgenres to break in the States.  Trocaria is one of those bands that is going against the grain and doing something that inspires them. In other words, you don’t make Gothic metal because you want to go on a headlining arena tour.  You make Gothic-based music because it’s your passion.

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