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Album Review: Sepultura – The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart

image0021-300x300The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be The Heart is the lengthy title of Sepultura’s 13th studio album.  They have added yet, another new band member to the mix – drummer Eloy Casagrande who was able to add to the actual writing and recording process.  The album was also produced by Ross Robinson who previously produced the very tribal-sounding Roots album; one that I am very fond of.  So, before I even had a chance to listen to the album I had a couple of reasons to be optimistic that Sepultura would be fresh and brutal as they continue to churn out albums.

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Album Review: Tribal – I-Dentity

Cover_Identity_GrossIt’s always a great thing when it comes time to sample and album and it gets played from beginning to end without skipping to the next song.  I had no expectations when I hit the play button Tribal’s third studio album; I never heard them before.  Therefore, my mind was completely open as it should be…though I have to admit sometimes my expectations are quite high for some bands.  Tribal has a clean slate with me.  Anyway, the Swiss rock band released I-Dentity in May 2012; an album that boasts over an hour of solid, enjoyable Rock music.  The Swiss band crafted 13 songs that complement both the heavier and lighter side of rock with enough melodic variety to make the entire session a great listen.

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