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Videos of the Week: Code Orange and Tomahawk

Well, I’m a bit late with this post, but better late than never ūüôā

First up check out the new video from Code Orange (previously known as Code Orange Kids).¬† What really gets me about this video is besides the unsettling themes and even more disquieting grungy doom metal accompanying is the choice to use a washed out, Super 8 VHS aesthetic.¬† It really blends well with the music and makes the video much more freaky.¬† Going by the released singles and this video, Code Orange’s upcoming record, I am King (out Sept. 2nd, 2014 via Deathwish Records), is sounding to be a smashing and very unique record.¬† We’ll have more on that for you in the near future ūüôā


And to counterbalance that bit of disturbing art, here’s Mike Patton as a Crank Yankers puppet.¬† Need I say more why this is awesome?¬† South Paw comes off Tomahawk’s 2013 record Oddfellows.¬† Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Album Review: Oddfellows by Tomahawk

oddfellowsAs with any project Mike Patton’s name is attached to, you know you are going to be getting something unique to listen to.¬† Even his most famous and accessible project, Faith No More, was considered to be outrageous and ground breaking when they hit the scene in the late 80’s.¬† When he’s trying to be contemporary (see: his orchestral Italian vocal pop song cover band Mondo Cane), he can never drop that avant-garde stigma he’s branded himself with.¬† And while he does have some really weird projects you couldn’t get me stoned enough to enjoy, for the most part, for as experimental as they are, almost every project he does I feel that even those not particularly into experimental music would find something to like in them.¬† His latest release into the music world is¬†Oddfellows, the fourth album from his project Tomahawk, which also consists of guitarist Duane Denison of The Jesus Lizard, bassist Trevor Dunn of other Patton projects of Mr. Bungle and Fantomas, and drummer John Stanier of Helmet.¬† Needless to say there is a ton of pedigree in the band.

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What’s Cooking in the Inbox?

b517808e-fe18-3a6a-b0aa-1688f062a765As we peruse our inbox we come across a lot of cool music and review requests.¬†¬†Though our inbox is of the¬†digital kind, the picture above¬†represents the nature of things piling up.¬† I wish we could get to them all, but life in the fast lane prevents us from reviewing everything we receive.¬† The bands below were recently sent to us with a video clips and promotion information.¬† Therefore, I am doing my civic duty as a metalhead and spreading the gospel of metal to you.¬† Since we are non-discriminatory (if that’s a word)¬†lovers of metal, I figure the best way to do this is to just write a few words and let you decide for yourselves whether you are going to take the next step; buying the album when it is released.

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Song of the Week: God Hates a Coward

So, normally the song of the week should be the first random metal song that we listen all the way through on our Ipod or media player. Thing is, I kinda cheat due to how I listen to music. ¬†I prefer to listen to albums from front to back with little to no skipping around and if I do go to a song it’s almost always not at random. ¬†So today I going to do this proper. ¬†Booting up WinAmp, random on, let’s see what pops up and take a quick journey through my music library. ¬†Stephan Lynch – Beelz, about Satan, hilarious, but not metal. ¬†Next, The Beatles – I Fell, amazing band, great tune, but again not metal… Next! Jelly Roll Morton –¬†Low Down Blues (New Orleans Blues) (link goes to a different Jelly Roll Morton song, Youtube doesn’t have to one I have, ain’t that some shit), ummm, still no metal, I should have put the metal filter on, but anyways this is fun, I haven’t listened to Mr. Jelly Roll in a long while.

Queens of the Stone Age – Long Slow Goodbye, these guys do have some metal¬†tendencies¬†and guitarist/vocalist/band leader Josh Homme got his start playing for the legendary stoner metal band Kyuss, but not quite metal. ¬†Damn, do I have some metal somewhere on my hard drive. ¬†You all have to be doubting my metal cred by now. ¬†Mega Man – Toadman Stage (Rainy Sewers), catchy chip tune from the classic video game series with the best music, but…. 311 – Guns are for Pussies, yes guns are for pussies, but no metal to be found here. ¬†Frank Zappa – Tell Me You Love Me, Zappa has influenced countless metal artist and musicians the world around, but this isn’t the metal you are looking for. ¬†San Tropez – Pink Floyd, ahh,¬†Meddle, one of my favorite Floyd albums and “San Tropez” is a nifty little ditty, but you know….

OK, here we go, finally something metal!!!!!!! ¬† God Hates a Coward by Tomahawk. ¬†For the those not familiar with this band it is one of Mike Patton’s (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas) many projects and like many of his works it leans toward the avant-garde side of the musical spectrum. ¬†The album that this song comes off of is their self titled release and features members of Helmet, The Melvins, and The Jesus Lizard. ¬†A great album for those looking to delve deeper into the world of Mike Patton after getting familiar with FNM and Mr. Bungle and hear more of Mike Patton’s metal side.

With “God Hates a Coward”, as usual, Mr. Patton’s vocal work is top-notch and unmatched. ¬†I particularly like Kevin Rutmanis (The Melvins) bass work on this song with his heavy and rolling lines. ¬†To bad he left the band, but for their upcoming album which is currently in the works, Mike Patton has recruited long time friend and Mr. Bungle musician Trevor Dunn (who also plays in Fantomas and collaborates often with John Zorn). ¬†Enjoy the tune and let us know what you thought. ¬†I hope a look into my music library doesn’t make me seem any less a metal head (in a roughly 16,000 song library I’d say about 65% of it is pure metal). ¬†Peace Love and Metal!!!