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Album Review: Godsized – Time

14186For fans of ZZ Top, Down, Clutch, and Led Zeppelin-styled bands, Godsized should be right up your alley.  They employ catchy hooks, clean vocals, and a distinct Southern groove that was instantly likable on their previous EP, Brothers in Arms.  It’s a little ironic since they not even from the Southern US; but based out of London, England.  After that pivotal release, they have been relentlessly touring; carving out a niche of their own, and growing a following of die-hard fans.  Fast-forward a few years (to now) and their long-awaited debut full-length album, Time, is out worldwide.  Did they improve upon what they already accomplished?  Here are my thoughts on the new album and the band’s progression.

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Song of the Day- 21 December 2010

Tick Tock everyone, the days left until Christmas and the New Year continues to march upon us.  

The SOTD for 21 December 2010 is “Time” by Helloween, from the album “Better Than Raw”.

There must be a million songs that have “Time” in the title, or some variation of time.  It is pretty annoying most of the time.  This one I am not so aggravated with. 

Have a great day.