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Reggie’s Top 100 Favorite Albums of All Time #20-16

As we journey down the path to my number 1 favorite album of all time, we have finally breached the top 20.  From here on out, you will likely see more and more classic metal albums appearing on the list except for one or two that are relatively new (to me) compared to the rest.  This all-time list is an ongoing effort started by our friends at The History of Metal page on facebook.  Each day we list another album until we get to the end which should take us close to the end of the year.  Below is my next list of five as we near our way to #1.  Enjoy!

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Themed Thursday – Overkill

This is more like an anthropological study of a band through their videos and albums. I am examining the career of East Coast (USA) thrashers Overkill. I think they are highly underrated and had the potential to be something much bigger than they were. They endured the 90’s metal-meltdown and today are stronger than ever with their most recent release, Ironbound.

A little gee whiz for you, Overkill was the first “thrash” band to release 10 studio albums. 15 albums later, they are celebrating 25-years in the business. Overkill is like the little engine that could. If you ever saw Overkill live you would probably agree with me their live show (even today) is energetic and on fire whether for 100 or 1,000 people. Overkill has never taken the easy road out of town and they don’t seem to let that bother them. Here is where their story begins.

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Monday Metal Madness – The “Second” Big Four

Last week, The Sword took the poll from Mastodon in the modern-retro battle. Congrats to the Austin, Texas-based band that has made quite a name for themselves in metal. This week I am setting up a poll based on many opinions I have read over the last couple years. It is the subject of the second Big Four. We all know the contributions of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. There is no need to go in-depth on that one. What about other thrash metal bands that formed around the same time? Some of the names I have seen thrown into the mix the most are Testament, Death Angel, Overkill, Flotsam and Jetsam, Exodus, Machine Head, and Pantera. The only thing that separates Machine Head and Pantera  from the rest is that they basically shot to fame in the 90s vs, the 80s.  So, let’s stick to bands that formed around the same time as the original Big Four.

I am choosing Testament and Overkill for this poll. Personally, I think these two bands have contributed greatly to metal and are still at it with little to no breaks in their careers. Gaps happen, but consistency is important to me.  Testament had a break during singer Chuck Billy’s battle with cancer, but other than that have been full force. What say you? Check out these two 80’s era videos before you cast your vote. Ah, the good old days.