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Song of the Day – A Room With A View – 28 Mar 11

The Bay Area’s Death Angel was at the top of their game when they released Act III in 1990.  From Frolic Through The Park to Act III, the band underwent a pretty amazing transition; it was obvious that a major label got a hold of the band and polished their sound.  Some might argue against such a thing, but for Death Angel it really worked out for them.  Act III is a solid album and one of a few albums I can honestly say every song rocks!  Their previous record Frolic Through The Park is much more raw than Act III, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.  FTTP is also a great album and one thing you should know is that when Death Angel was putting out these albums back in the late 80’s they were merely teenagers, very young and very talented.

Today’s song of the day is A Room With A View; one of the slower songs on Act III.  It starts off with guitarist Rob (at the time) singing which then transitions to singer Mark O for the rest of the song which is barely noticeable.  They sound similar.  The acoustic beginning leads its way into a more metal yet melodic sound.  It is really a powerful song and showcases some Death Angel talent and how much they matured between Frolic and Act III.

Also, Death Angel has one of my favorite rockin’ instrumental songs.  It’s called The Ultra-Violence off their first album The Ultra-Violence.  To sum it up it’s basically 10:34 of brutality.  Do not quote me, but I think the drummer was 15 when this album was released.  This album showed the metal world that Death Angel was not screwing around.

Shortly after I saw them at The Channel in Boston, MA, August 1990 with Forbidden opening, Death Angel was in a bus accident and pretty much disappeared.  Death Angel minus the singer then reformed a band called The Organization which released a couple of albums, not up to par with Death Angel IMO, but still decent.  Death Angel later reunited with some new band members and in 2004 released The Art of Dying and then released two more albums with the most current (Relentless Retribution) being the best of the three, IMO.  Death Angel also holds a record in my own personal life for the longest running concert shirt in my wardrobe…I think I had that 1990 concert shirt for 12 years.  I do not usually keep them…I like to wear them and update them to newer shirts.  Below is a short video diary showing you Death Angel over the years featuring the song of the day, of course.  Enjoy!

Here is a YouTube link for A Room With A View

Here is a link for 3rd Floor – Live – off the album Frolic Through the Park

Here is  a link for Truce off Relentless Retribution

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