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Mik’s Top 100 Favourite Albums of All Time #60-56


A while ago, at the same time as Matt and Reggie, I posted my Top 100 All Time Favourite (Metal) Albums over at the forum The History of Metal on FB. It took a good amount of time and effort to put it together, but it was so much fun! My taste in metal is always changing, so the list will not always look the same. In fact, it’s already a bit different than it was when I first put it together and posted it on the forum seven months ago.

I tried to limit myself to three albums per band to make the list a little more diverse and interesting. I don’t really consider the ‘test of time’-factor when selecting what albums that will go on my list, instead I measure it by how strongly the album has affected me emotionally and how much/often it has helped me through both good and bad phases in my life. That’s why you can find quite a few newer releases among my favourites too. 


#60 Lord Belial – Enter The Moonlight Gate

A black metal album does not have to have a shitty “deep in the forest”-production to sound evil. ‘Enter The Moonlight Gate’ is a good example. I found this song below through a promo compilation I received when buying a magazine many years ago and I think it was my very first encounter with black metal. Now, this is a catchy, melodic song with folk-y elements that is really difficult to not get hooked by, so I’m not surprised I got slightly addicted to it. But that was good because it made me buy the whole album. And it’s a fantastic record from the beginning to the end.

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Crushing Hammers of Metal


After discovering that the word ’monolith’ is used in quite a few song- and album titles (here), I started to look for other words that are common in heavy metal. With the help of my buddies on The History of Metal forum on FB, I ended up with a pretty long list of songs, albums and band names that have the word ‘hammer’ in them. So what is the deal with hammers?

A heavy, crushing, smashing weapon made of metal. That represents the sound of many bands in our favourite genre. But it can also be a mysterious and mighty magic item, like Thor’s hammer in old Norse mythology. There is also the judge’s hammer of justice that has the power to change your life. And, of course, the construction tool that makes lots of noise, used to build up and break down structures. What do you think is the reason so many bands chooses to include hammers in their music? It’s not always obvious what they symbolize in the lyrics. What’s your interpretation?

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