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Reggie’s (Plantera7’s) Top 5 Videos of 2011

Videos are a great marketing tool; a way for people to see the band.  It’s hard to catch good metal on TV these days, so we tend to rely on places like YouTube to see our favorite band videos or live footage of them playing.  Personally, it has done wonders for broadening my musical horizons.  Without videos, I probably wouldn’t have found some of the music I enjoy today.

For the most part, videos are kind of cheesy.  They are often silly and do not serve the song any justice.  That’s fine, I still get to see the band and form some kind of opinion.  Other times, videos are very well done and honor the intent of the song for which the video was created.  Below are my 5 music video favorites of 2011 in no particular order.  Unlike “Best Video Countdown” you might have seen on MTV and VH1, these are my favorite videos because they are good videos, not a plug for a good song.

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Learn How to Play a Little Opeth

For you guitarists out there here’s a cool video from Fredrik Åkesson of Opeth on how to play a couple of riffs off “The Devils Orchard”.  The first riff(the intro) isn’t to hard to pull off for intermediate players and could be some good practice for advanced beginners.  It’s a fun one to play and if you mess around with the scale he’s using you can make up some interesting riffs and licks.  The second riff he show’s you is a bit more difficult where there is a string skip in the alternate picking that I keep getting thrown off from.  A few more tries and I should nail it.  Anyways, give it a shot, it’s a fun song, it’s also in standard E tuning so there is no need to re-tune you guitar to any crazy tuning(actually, most Opeth songs are in standard or drop D 😉 ). Here are the tabs too.  Enjoy! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Music Video Mania-Modern Retro Videos

When watching movies I’ve been caught often saying “they don’t make ’em like they used to”, especially if I’m going back and watching a classic such as Ghostbusters, The Dark Crystal(or any Jim Henson movie for that matter), or Conan the Barbarian.  There was something special about those films that gave a warm human touch to them, probably the fact that human hands had touched every aspect of the creation.  I’m not saying that modern movies suck, in fact I enjoy them quite a bit, but you have to admit that some of the movie magic is gone.  The same could be said about music videos.  Back then(err, the 80’s and 90’s) making a music video was usually on a tight budget and people didn’t have access to inexpensive HD video camera or video editing software, but they got by using some creativity and imagination.

Here are some modern(post 2000’s) metal music videos that whether using modern technology or not give a shout out to an age past by incorporating themes, moods, colors, and techniques used in movies and music videos.  Enjoy!! And if you know of any modern retro metal videos that aren’t listed here I’d love to know about it down in the comments!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Opeth-The Devils Orchard

Just like Opeth‘s latest album is a throwback to the sounds of the 70’s it would seem logical that their latest music video would do the same.  It has that 70’s psychedelic exploitation movie style and I love the soft colors throughout the video.  So, who else thought of The Seventh Seal(I think the chess board was a direct nod to that film, especially since it’s a Swedish-made movie and Opeth are Swedish) and Hitchcock, especially Vertigo?

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Song of the Week- The Devil’s Orchard

If there’s one band in the metal realm that deserves the high praise that they consistently receive it would be Opeth.  Album after album they constantly release completely solid material and perpetually progress and improve on their sound.  They are forever growing and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.  So, it is pretty obvious when I say I am really hyped up for their upcoming new album Heritage to be released this September 20th.

Mikael Åkerfeldt, the driving creative force behind Opeth, is a musician that I have come to highly respect due to the fact that he is always honest in his music.  Since he always pushes to create the music he wants to create Opeth fans are always left with an album that seethes his passion for what he does.  A lot of fans seemingly are anticipating that Opeth are straying away from their death metal roots and abandoning the whole growling vocals thing and the big rumor about this album that has lots of fans panties in knots is that the album will feature no harsh vocals and only Mikael’s clean vocals.  Fans seemed to be worried about the album to turn out to be a 70’s prog rock fest also.

With the release of this new song, so far those rumors seem true, and I say this, so f’n what if they are.  Would you rather have an uninspired album where Opeth goes back and forces themselves to create Still Life or Orchid again or an album where they pursue a sound that they are enthusiastic about and put every bit of passion into making it.  I for one always enjoy when a band evolves their sound, if a band just keeps churning out the same thing over and over again I usually stop buying their new releases from them.  So if Heritage turns out to be a clean vocaled 70’s prog fest, I will be more than ecstatic about it and will certainly be looking forward to where they go with their sound on the next album.

So about this weeks song itself.  “The Devil’s Orchard” is the first single off the upcoming album Heritage and it’s chock full of 70’s style prog rock along the lines of Gentle Giant, King Crimson and Yes(who also have a new album out for all you other prog rock nerds out there) combined with Opeth‘s signature feel and sound.  What can I say, I love it, it’s awesome, it’s the bee’s knees.  Check it out and let us know what you think.