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SOTD – 24 Nov 2010

Our song of the day was picked a little differently today.  Normally it’s chosen at random from an iTouch as we start our day in the office.  Today we embarked on a road trip to Germany for Thanksgiving so I decided to do something different.  I let my wife, Anarchy Alicia, pick the song of the day.  Granted, all six CDs in my car stereo are mine, I went with a rock neutral selection since my wife is a non-metal listener and I respect that.  So the song of the day is :

We Werent Born to Follow from Bon Jovi off the album The Circle.

This is a departure from the Amon Amarth’s and Chimaria’s of the world, but i do share my life with someone and since all CDs in my car were rock neitral I let her make the pick.  So there it is.  Have a great thanksgiving.  I will be back on Friday with something deathly to help you work off that turkey.