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Awesome Covertunes

It’s always nice when a band plays tribute to some of their influences.  So I’ve compiled a list of 10 covertunes that are really, really, really wicked good.  Personally, covertunes should be done one of two ways; either cover the song exactly for what how it was intended or completely remake it, but keep it at least recognizable as a tribute song.  Anywhere in the middle is usually blah…

So here is my list of 10 covertunes that bring an older song back to life.

Bullet For My Valentine – Welcome Home (Sanitarium) – Original by Metallica

Faith No More – Easy – Original by The Commodore’s

Five Finger Death Punch – Bad Company – Original by Bad Company

Killswitch Engage – Holy Diver – Original by Dio

Machine Head – Hallowed Be Thy Name – Original by Iron Maiden

Trivium – Master of Puppets – Original by Metallica

Chimaira – Disposable Heroes – Original by Metallica

Hatebreed – Ghost of War – Original by Slayer

The Bronx Casket Company – My Way – Original by Frank Sinatra

DevilDriver – Wasted Years – Original by Iron Maiden

It looks to me like a good pool of songs to cover were originally recorded by either Metallica or Iron Maiden.  There are many more covertunes that could have made this list, but these are the ones that stuck out for me the most.  I could probably easily redo this list with 10 other songs.  You know what, lets extend it out five more songs…here goes.

Susperia – Lack of Comprehension – Original by Death

Machine Head – Message in a Bottle – Original by The Police

Queensryche – Synchronicity II – Original by The Police

Children of Bodom – Hell is for Children – Original by Pat Benetar

Dream Theater – Comfortably Numb – Original by Pink Floyd

If you know more covertunes that deserve special attention please let us know.   I’m going to stop now before I go another five…


Album Review – The Bronx Casket Company

As much of a fan of Overkill as I am I’m almost ashamed of myself for not knowing D.D. Verni had a side band going.  I can’t remember how I heard of The Bronx Casket Company, but when I saw it was D.D.’s band I knew I would have to pick it up.  I have had ample time to listen to it, so here is the review.

First of all, great job not sounding like Overkill.  After listening to the album (called Antihero) it was then I saw that D.D. was actually singing.  I had no idea it was him, so it was cool to find that out when I went to their website.  Overall, this is a good album and I have no regrets for spending my money blindly on something I never heard.  D.D.’s singing is pretty strong; no screaming, grunting, or deep growls, just a good strong voice.  It’s kind of along the lines of James Hetfield’s tone…It’s a vocal style that is understandable to the untrained metal ear.

Antihero is a great lead off track and the rest that follow are heavy, good rock sounding metal songs…kind of something that you can groove to.

D. D. and Co also remade Frank Sinatra’s My Way and made it their own.  It’s one of the better cover tunes I have heard and will probably make my top 10 cover tunes list which I will post in the coming week or so. 

I guess the best way to describe Antihero is by using a Prong title; Snap Your Fingers…Snap Your Neck.

I give The Bronx Casket Company’s Antihero 4 of 5 Devil Horns.

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Quarterly Release Update

In addition to the album release announcement in a previous post a few days ago, there will be two more this quarter.  To recap, the following albums we knew about are:

Stratovarius – Elysium Out now – 18 Jan 2011

The Bronx Casket Company – 25 Jan (D.D. Verni of Overkill side project)

Children of Bodom – 8 Mar

Cavalera Conspiracy – 29 Mar

There are two more releases I just read about.  Well, at least two more that I care about anyway as far as major releases are concerned.  There may be more, but for now this is all I know of coming out this 1st quarter 2011.  If you know of others please let us know.

DevilDriver’s Beast is being released 22 Feb – so that prevents Feb from being a dry metal month.

29 March will be a good day in metal due to the release of not only Cavalera Conspiracy, but new Amon Amarth as well…just in time for my 9th Wedding anniversary 😉

I think 2011 is shaping up to surpass 2010 for metal.