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Video Of The Week: BEAR – Mantiis

Obey the fucking BEAR! Or blood will be shed…

New bloody and disgusting video for the song “Mantiis” taken from their excellent 2013 album “Noumenon”.

Roundtable Review: The Room Colored Charlatan – Primitives

Primitives-covLabel: Subliminal Groove

Release Date:  May 20, 2014

Length: 40 minutes, 8 tracks

Genre:  Progressive tech/deathcore

Studio Albums: Between Mirrors: The Quantum Immortality, 2012

Location:  Indianapolis, USA

For fans of: The Contortionist, Born Of Osiris, Animals As Leaders, Nexilva, Monuments


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Roundtable Review: Nexilva – Eschatologies

nexilva-coverLabel: Ghost

Release Date:  April 7 2014

Songs:  14

Genre:  Progressive death metal

Studio Albums: The Trials Of Mankind 2010, Defile The Flesh Of Innocence EP 2011

Location:  Sunderland, UK

For fans of: Born Of Osiris, Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Faceless, Fallujah, Carnifex


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Round Table Review: The Mother of Virtue by Pyrrhon

12 Jacket (Gatefold - Two Pocket) [GD30OB2-N]Label: Relapse Records

Release Date: Out Now

Songs: 9

Genre: Tech-Deth

Studio Albums: This is their 3rd album

Location: NY, USA

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Album Review: Alaya – Thrones

Thrones_Cover“Are we the only breathing among the dead?”


Release Date: March 17, 2014

Label: Basick Records

Length: 43 minutes, 13 tracks

Genre: Handsome and thoughtful melodic prog/tech metal

Recommended for fans of:  Periphery, Muse, Karnivool, Protest The Hero, TesseracT


Description: One excellent debut after another. The first four months of this year present a large number of releases from promising, upcoming bands. Centiment, Servers, Zoax, The Kindred, Intervals, Echoes, only to name a few. And now we can add Alaya to that collection. Yes, it was definitely worth the wait. Buy it!

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Album Review: Intervals – A Voice Within

Intervals.AVoiceWithin.cover.lo”We can’t help but to admire its beauty”


Release Date: March 4th 2014, self-released

Length: 50 minutes of seducing melodies

Genre: Exceptionally good progressive/melodic tech metal

Previous releases: The Space Between EP 2011, In Time EP 2012

Recommended for fans of: Between The Buried And Me, Protest The Hero, Periphery


Description: A really good metal album with heavy music and only clean vocals seems to be almost impossible to come by these days. But never fear, Intervals is here!

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Video Of The Week: Zoax – Bitter Angry Fake

Upcoming release I’m excited about:

Zoax’s EP coming out on the 17th of February!

Zoax from London is the new project of Joe Copcutt (bassist for supergroup Axewound and Rise To Remain) and they’ve created a fascinating mix of post-hardcore, tech metal and melodic rock. Have a listen!

Pre-orders available on iTunes.

Song Of The Week: Kartikeya – Tunnels Of Naraka

845520_logoKartikeya is one of the bands I’m really looking forward to see live this weekend at the small, but very exciting, Euroblast Festival in Cologne, Germany. They are a Russian/Serbian/Canadian ethnic extreme metal band and are heavily influenced by hinduism, Indian culture and mythology as well as classical and folk music. I just recently found out about this band, but they have been around since 2004, and have two full-length albums and a couple of EP’s in their discography. Kartikeya’s technical style of metal with the unique eastern touch is very unusual; it’s heavy and bombastic, filled with riffs and unpredictable twists. This can easily become one of those songs you want to put on repeat for the rest of the day.

Tunnels Of Naraka‘ features the multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer David Maxim Micic (Destiny Potato) performing the kick ass guitar solo at the end.

Fun fact: Kartikeya is the name of the second son of Lord Shiva, he’s the embodiment of perfection, the leader of forces and a war god who was created to destroy the demons in the world (meaning the negative sides in human beings).


Concert Review: UK Tech Metal Fest 2013 part 2 – Shattered Skies, Drewsif Stalin, Uneven Structure, Skyharbor


Uneven Structure


Bands playing: Colors To Shame, Above The Earth, Immerse, Kartikeya, Shattered Skies, Red Seas Fire, Aeolist, Drewsif Stalin, Destiny Potato, Disperse, Xerath, Uneven Structure, Skyharbor, Veil of Maya  

Afterparty: Bilo Super Jam – members from different bands.

This was the day when three of my absolute favourite bands were going to play. And I mean hugely favourite bands. So be warned, I might enter fanboy(girl)-mode. For a general review of the festival and the bands from the first day, check out part 1. I will cover the lineup of Sunday in part 3. These three parts won’t include all the bands playing, not even all of the ones I did end up watching; I’ve only chosen the ones I liked the best.


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Concert Review: UK Tech Metal Fest 2013 part 1 – Karybdis, Cold Night For Alligators, Linked, No Consequence


Ladies and Djentlemen!

Compared to last year’s festival that was held indoors at a bar, this year a much bigger event was organized, complete with two stages, late night after parties and camping for the visitors. Add to that a line-up of bands that was to die for, at least if you’re a devoted progressive/tech metal follower, like me. There were acts travelling from India, Israel, Russia, Serbia, USA, Denmark and Sweden, as well as fans coming from countries far outside the UK. That’s how passionate both the fans and musicians are about this djentilicous style of metal.

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