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Full Album Streams: Orchid, Morningrise, and My Arms Your Hearse by Opeth

For those of you not to familiar with Opeth’s earlier work here’s an opportunity to check out their first 3 albums which were released through Candlelight Records in 1995 (Orchid), 1996(Morningrise), and 1998(My Arms, Your Hearse).  All three are excellent and required listens for any discerning Opeth fan.  There is a nice rawness to this trio that was smoothed out when they upped their production value for the breakthrough record, Still Life.  Going back and listening to these records again you can really hear how Mikael’s voice has dramatically improved over the years as well as the bands choice in tones, even though it sounds great on these records.  If there is one thing that remains the same is the stellar quality of songwriting, each track on each album is a masterpiece, with Orchid taking top honors for my personal favorite of the 3.  So without further ado, enjoy some of Opeth’s early years.




Game Review: Superbrothers: Sword &Sworcery E.P. (P.C. Version)

After Lucas Arts decided to focus on making crappy Star Wars games and suffered the loss of their core creative team (who went on to found Telltale Games, who is releasing some awesome games to this day) and Sierra Games went the way of the dodo, it looked like a very bleak future for fan of graphic adventure games.  Luckily there were enough fans of these laid back, narrative driven games who started tinkering with breaking into the game development industry and started to create some great games.  With the recent surge in popularity of the indie game scene some of these games that may have had trouble finding an audience have a way of finding their way into the hands of the people who would really enjoy them.  By way of The Humble Indie Bundle I got my hands on a copy of the oddly titled Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery E.P. (to now be abbreviated as S:S&SEP)and its soundtrack Sword & Sworcery LP – The Ballad of the Space Babies.  Being the only title in the bundle that I have yet to hear of or play, I dived right in with no preconceptions and almost immediately found myself completely sucked in by the games amazing atmosphere, excellent soundtrack, and simple point and click interface.  As I delved further into the game, its world just simply mesmerized me unlike a game has yet to do in a long time and after my 5 hours for a full playthrough I found myself emotionally moved as the final scenes played out.  And all of this is presented with minimalistic ‘8Bit retro graphics’ and the use of music.

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Full Album (err, EP) Stream: Faustian Echoes by Agalloch

Ever since I laid my ears on the masterpiece The Mantle by North American black metal band Agalloch they thrust themselves into the top echelon of my favorite bands.  Their ability to get such deep feelings of nature and the Earth into their music is pure bliss to my ears.  While many of their lyrics deal with melancholy, sorrow, and loss there is a feel to the music that radiates with beauty, hope, and love creating a wonderful balance of emotions.

They have just released a new E.P. and made it available for all to hear.  Faustian Echoes takes inspiration from the literary masterwork, Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and features some of the heaviest and darkest music Agalloch has written to date.  Recorded as a single track passing the 20 minute mark there is a lot to absorb and listen to in this E.P.  I really enjoy the voice-overs reading sections ofFaust in between the different suites of the tune.  They really add to the narrative of the tune and give it a darker and more intense feel.  But enough talk.  Crank up your radio, zone out, and escape to the world of Agalloch.  Let us know what you thought in the comments.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Full Album Streams: The Power Within by Dragonforce

Dragonforce are a love ’em hate ’em band.  Me, as you probably have guessed, I love ’em.  Hitting stores today is their new album The Power Within and it introduces new vocalist Mark Hudson.

While the new guy has some chops and fits the band well, I think that previous vocalist Z.P. Theart had a bit more balls in his voice.  The album is still chock full of raging power metal riffing and over-the-moon soloing by Herman Li and Sam Totman.  The drumming by  Dave Mackintosh continues to be outstanding also keeping the overdrive pace of the record going.

Unfortunately this stream is limited, so check it out while you still can.  AOL Music usually leaves streams up for about a week, so if you want to hear this before you buy, jump on it ASAP.  Click the album cover below to go to the stream.  Enjoy and let us know what you thought.  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Dragonforce - The Power Within

Down a Baltic Stream with Metsatöll

Estonian Folk Metal band Metsatöll now have their latest release Ulg(Howl) streaming with and can be heard in its entirety below. It’s a damn cool album and totally worth your time to give a listen to.  In lieu of harsh screamed or growled vocals the band favors big and loud clean vocals sung in tandem as well as solo and in choir. They also incorporate some great traditional metal riffing and some boot stomping rhythms with beautiful folk melodies of their region. A video for the albums first single, “Küü” (“Serpent”) can be seen below. Make sure you at least check out the track “Kivine Maa”, it’s a great headbanger. Uld is available now through Spinefarm Records if you feel inclined to give it a purchase, which you should 😉 Enjoy and let us know what you thought!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Click to go purchase the record!!

In Case You Haven’t Picked It Up Yet

Here’s an official full album stream of Machine Head‘s new album Unto the Locust.  Not much more to say other than this is one spectacular slab of metal(I think I slobbered over this enough already…)  If you haven’t picked it up yet this should be lighting the fire under your ass.  Also, there’s a stream of Balls Out, the new album by the ultra-classy 80’s metal throwback band Steel Panther.  It includes perennial classics such as “Just Like Tiger Woods”, “17 Girls in a Row”, and “It Won’t Suck Itself”.  Seriously though, it’s got some killer metal and the lyrics are surprisingly clever, you’ll have a good time listening to it.  Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!