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Album Reviews: Pandora’s Piñata by Diablo Swing Orchestra

When I think back to my earliest memories of music fandom, the most treasured and vivid ones linking back to before I even had the capability to record long-term memories were those of my time spent with my grandfather.  I can still remember it like yesterday as me and my mother would take our frequent visits to my grandparents house and my Granpa would be sitting in his recliner with the A.M. radio blasting the various big band, swing, and jazz artists that he loved so much (his hearing wasn’t that great, so 11 was the only acceptable point on the volume knob).  Glen Miller, Count Basie, Paul Whiteman, and the almighty Benny Goodman were some of his favorites that he used to like to talk at length about giving me synopsis on their music and little me would sit in that recliner next to him listening to music with him breaking to mimic the trumpet player from time to time.   So, yeah, when it comes down to it, I feel I have to credit my Granpa for being the ultimate catalyst to my current and lifelong obsession with all kinds of music.  He has returned to the Earth some years ago, but whenever I hear any of his favorite artists or their style it tends to reel those amazing memories back putting me on the verge of being misty eyed and landing an ear to ear smile on my face.

So, what does my beloved Granpa and his favorite music have anything to do with metal?  Well, Sweden’s Diablo Swing Orchestra have a new album out called Pandora’s Piñata and as I listen to their swing laden brand of metal I can’t hold back thoughts of Granpa and how I may have finally found a metal band that we could listen to together and then would nod his approval at (which he would then proceed to tell me that they’re too loud, or ‘too sweet’ as he put it, giving me a nice warm smile and a wink).

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