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Stream of the Week: Structural Disorder

It may be just as well I’m merely posting a stream of The Edge of Sanity, the album released this week by these magicians from Sweden. I don’t think the processor on my computer holds enough numbers for the score I would want to give this album if I was reviewing it right now. The band’s hugely inventive, varied and musical prog metal has totally blown me away. This is the type of modern prog metal that slides its way into my category of “As good as it gets”. Haken and Leprosy, you have serious competition.

Meet the band on Facebook:

To add this splendid release to your digital collection, find it on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify or through the band’s FB page. The physical CD should be available in a week or two.

And hey! Record companies! Structural Disorder are unsigned. Grab them while you can.


Album Reviews: Taketh – Ignorance Is Strength and Noumena – Death Walks With Me

a1775136158_10Taketh – Ignorance Is Strength

Taketh is a Swedish melodic death metal band and this is their second full length album. It contains ten tracks of typical sounding melo death, with growling vocals, melodic choruses and middle paced songs. The songs are well written and well performed and although the lyrics are a bit simple and too cliché, it still works out okay. After a couple of listens it gets a bit repetitive, both the music and the vocals don’t have much variation to them and some riffs seem a bit overused. I like the guitar solos and the more screamy, powerful vocals that appear at times. More of that and a little more diversity and maybe it could have been a more than average release. The last song is titled “Mind Numbing Crap” and makes me suspect the band isn’t overly serious about this release and when I hear it ends with someone saying “Oh well, shut up” in Swedish, I smile to myself and think my suspicions were probably right. But I hope Taketh are having fun when creating music, which is all that matters in the end!

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Album Review: Katatonia – Dead End Kings

For Katatonia fans, the wait is over.  You know what I am talking about.  The new CD is probably in your hands and you are reading the liner notes or perhaps you have 12 digital files in your library and you are squinting at PDF liner notes on a screen.  You are probably thinking the same thing as me; damn this is some fine Katatonia!  Since the band announced they were recording new material in January 2012, it’s been a long eight months, but Dead End Kings is now upon us.  I, for one, have been anxiously awaiting the follow-up to Night Is The New Day released three damn long years ago – forgive my impatience.  As I breathe a sigh of relief I can safely say Dead End Kings hit the nail with the hammer.  But, this is Katatonia we are talking about; should there have ever been any doubt?

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Backtrack – Katatonia – Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Sweden’s Katatonia are about to crack the 20-year mark in December 2011.  They will be playing all the major Scandinavian cities culminating with a headlining show in their hometown of Stockholm.  Katatonia will perform with both current and former members.  The collaboration is promising to be a spectacular Katatonia 20-year anniversary show.

If you have been a fan of Katatonia since the beginning, you know they were much different than they are today, especially in the vocals.  What used to be harsh growling vocals has evolved into a range that is clean, crisp, and haunting.  The transition happened around 1996 when Brave Murder Day was released.  The harsh vocal range took its toll on singer Jonas Renkse.  Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt stepped in to record the (harsh) vocals.  The next Katatonia album, Discouraged Ones released in 1998, was where Renkse’s vocals made the transition to a much cleaner style, which was a big risk for the band at the time.  I’d have to say, ultimately it paid off.

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Song of the Day – Reverie/Harlequin Forest – 11 Mar 11

This Opeth song is 11:40 of perfection.  Reverie/Harlequin Forest pretty much runs full spectrum of metal all in one song without sounding like it’s trying to.  I guess it’s a little hard to explain, but it is just so well written and performed.  It has elements of metal and death and everything in between.  If someone asked me about Opeth I would refer them to this song because it gives the listener the best feel for the band.

I think I listened to Ghost Reveries no less than 4 times today at work.  I love that I have a job where I can listen to tunes while I do whatever it is I do all day.  I only just got into Opeth in the last two years, but they are seriously climbing my favorite bands of all time list. 

For those who asked to be a guest contributor, I/We will figure out how to grant you access this weekend.  I also have to get to my review of Children of Bodom since I gave their new album about 4-5 full listens.  Stay safe and when in doubt, turn it up!

SOTD – 2 Nov 2010

I don’t think it is really possible to start off a day to Amon Amarth and feel the desire to skip to the next song.  Today’s song of the day is:

Varyags of Milkagaard by Amon Amarth off the Album Twilight of the Thunder Gods

It is truly a great album and I can honestly say that every song on the CD rocks.  The sweet sounds of Swedish Viking metal is a great way to start off any day.