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Video of the Week – Unfit for Human Consumption

This video has been out a while as was the killer album Surgical Steel.  It made my #2 album of the year in 2013 and it’s still stimulating that mass of gel and tissue between my ears.  I am not one to normally notice when videos are released.  I am normally asleep at the wheel when it comes to videos.  The forums of the world do a great job posting then when they come out, but I still miss them…to include this gem, Unfit for Human Consumption.  Yes, today is my first viewing and probably is for some of you too.  I can’t be the only one missing out right?

I like the subtle close-ups of the instruments (both medical instruments and the ones the band plays).  I like when the focus is not directly on the band, but other imagery.  Though some of the video is a bit cheesy toward the end, I still think that the simple things make for cool videos.  See for yourself and have a great weekend!

Reggie’s Top 15 Albums of 2013

Black Bomb A, Olympic (Nantes) 17/11/2006Initially, I was going to limit my best of 2013 list to just my top 10.  My reasoning was to make my list as tight as I could only highlighting the very best of what moved me during the year.  After looking back at how many albums I listened to or was exposed to, that number hovered around 270 albums.  So, I decided to expand my list to the same standard as previous years. Despite increasing my list to 15, it still only highlights about 5% of all the albums that graced my ear drums this year.  So, what I present to you for the year 2013 my top 15, plus five more honorable mentions that will be posted in the vicinity of this list.

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Maik Weichert of Heaven Shall Burn’s Album of 2013

Maik Weichert, founder member and guitarist for HSB, is uncompromising about his selection for this year: “There was only Surgical Steel in 2013, nothing else!” That is high praise indeed from a man and a band pretty much synonymous with metalcore. If Maik says the 2013 album by death grind band Carcass is that good, you can take his word that it’s exceptional. I did. It is. Many thanks, Maik.

Here’s Unfit For Human Consumption, one of the all-excellent tracks from Surgical Steel.

HSB delivered one of the best music vids of 2013. It’s Hunters Will Be Hunted, from the album Veto. If you’ve seen the video, enjoy it again — it’s one damn fine song too.


Album Review: Carcass – Surgical Steel

Carcass-Surgical-Steel-300x300I have to admit that when I first heard Heartwork oh, a very long time ago in 1993, death metal or melo-death as it is now called really wasn’t my thing. In fact, around that time I was going through a serious Grunge hangover and getting back to what I loved most in music…Thrash metal.  Heartwork with all its grandiose brutality was tempered by melody and that was the door that opened allowing me to branch my wings into a much faster and heavier form of metal.  I guess it was a big deal for me because I was beginning to listen to a lot of bands no one around me (except for a select few) heard of.  I did as any enthusiastic fan would do and bought some of their older albums and enjoyed the hell out of them.  As quickly as Carcass entered my hip pocket of go-to bands (we had cassettes back then so it literally fit in the pocket), they seemed to disappear, but not before giving us Swansong which I really tried to like and it was ok, but something was missing.  Then, Carcass went missing.  Talk about disappointing!

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