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Themed Thursday – Album Intros

A good intro to a record serves many purposes, but most importantly it is the bands starting point to grab a listener’s attention and set the mood and tone for the rest of the album.  If it is a concept album it sets up the themes and story if there is one, if it’s a straight up brutal album it should be a track to really get the adrenaline running.  And so on and so forth.  Intros come in the form of an instrumental song, spoken word, or just a really strong track to get things started off on the right track.

Here are some of my favorite album intros.  Some may be composed of 2 tracks due to the first part seamlessly transitioning into the second more or less making the 2 part of 1.  Enjoy and let us know what some of your favorite album intros are!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

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Video of the Week – Balor

Check out this cool performance video by the German melo-deth band Suidakra.  A killer tune from their awesome album The Book of Dowth.  The album tells the story of an archaeologist that is on an expedition and an ancient book is unearthed which has the power to unleash viscous demons upon the world.  The whole story is based around Celtic lore and is quite interesting and well researched.

Here’s a description of what’s going on in the story at the point this song plays from the band’s website:

When Umór and Biróg removed the book from the mound, “Balor”, the evil leader of the Fomorians, regained his consciousness and was re-united with his evil soul. Escaping his prison in the Otherworld beneath the waves, he was determined to reclaim Erin for his race and to rule once more…


Bonus Video

This one popped up on my Facebook wall today.  Just watch it…

Album Review- Suidakra- Book of Dowth

So, for those that may not be familiar with the band Suidakra, they are a German trio(quartet for live shows) that play music reminiscent of Scandinavian Melodic-Death Metal and Black Metal and have an affinity for Celtic lore along with the music of the Celts and they do an excellent job of bringing all those elements together.  Since their first album they have been constantly pushing their sound forward and refining themselves with just a couple bumps in the road.  Their tenth album, Book of Dowth, is where they stand today and it is a culmination of all the hard work and progress they have shown in their musical career.

Along with many of their previous albums, this one tells a sci-fi/fantasy tale based around Celtic lore.  In the near future an archeological excavation unearths an ancient tome.  An archeological student at the site curiously opens the book and begins to read it.  As he is reading the book does some crazy stuff like deteriorating and releasing odd odors and then the student starts to hallucinate and have visions.  In his visions he learns of an ancient demon race bent on destroying mankind and the story how mankind sealed them into the book he is reading which he has now opened and unleashed the ancient demons upon the world.

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Best of 2011, So Far….

It’s now July 2011 and we have hit the halfway point in the year.  So far there have been tons of outstanding metal releases and there will be some upcoming releases to hit in the second half of the year(September is going to be one hell of a month).  I’d like to present you with my top 10 favorite albums to be released so far in 2011.  Let’s see how many maintain their hold till the end of the year.  A few I haven’t gotten around to reviewing but be sure that will eventually pop up soon.  And as always, what were your favorite albums for the first half of 2011.  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

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Video of the Week- Dowth 2059

This weeks Video of the Week is “Dowth 2059” by German metal band Suidakra off their newly released album Book of Dowth.  Unfortunately I haven’t gotten a chance to purchase the whole album, which I plan on doing very soon, but from what I’ve heard from it on the Youtube and read in the reviews it sounds like another great entry in Suidakra’s catalog.  The following explanations are taken from the bands website: on the album- (The Book of Dowth is)inspired by the darker side of Celtic lore, the concept of “Book Of Dowth” chronicles the mythology of a mysterious race of demonic beings known as the “Fomor”. Starting with the discovery of an ancient book at the excavation of Dowth ( a Neolithic passage tomb in the Boyne Valley, Ireland ), it unveils the yet untold story of the rise and fall of the Fomorian horde throughout history and far, far beyond…

And on the song: In the near future, an ancient book is found at the archaeological excavation of Dowth (also known as “Dubhadh”, the fairy mound of darkness). The book is encased in a heavy book-shrine, a “Cúhmdagh”, covered with strange Celtic symbols. There is an old belief that if such a book were ever unclosed from its shrine, deaths and disasters would ensue.Fallen victim to his curiosity, an archaeology student opens the case without permission and takes a peak inside the book. Fascinated, he starts reading the yet unknown tales. But while reading, the pages are starting to deteriorate… A strange chemical reaction releases hallucinogenic damps and odours. While quickly reading as much as he can before the book is entirely gone, the student starts seeing visions from the past as if in a waking dream…


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