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Themed Thursday: Storytellers – River Runs Red

By 1993, Grunge had pretty much thumped American Thrash Metal back to the Stone Age as far as its popularity in the mainstream is concerned.  Thrash didn’t die; it was more or less pushed aside.  Only a handful of Thrash metal bands were still able to sell-out venues while the rest were getting pushed underground, getting released by major record labels, and going back to touring the club circuit.  The airwaves were dominated by the Seattle surge of Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana.  Then something magical happened from the Northeast; almost as far away in America as you could get from Seattle.  Brooklyn’s Life of Agony provided an alternative to Alternative.  Their fusion of metal, hardcore, and thrash opened another path for metalheads who needed an escape from Grunge.  Keith Caputo’s powerful baritone vocal style, accompanied by Joey Z, Alan Robert, and Sal Abruscato quickly became a new sensation.  But, in addition to their killer riffs and headbanging rhythm, Life of Agony’s debut album, River Runs Red, was a dark and tragic story.

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