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Mini Album Reviews: Symbolic, Subscale, Fear Theories, Oceanus

symbolic scarvest frontcover-bigBand:  Symbolic

Album:  Scarvest

Record Label:  Twin Peaks Records

Release Date:  30 August 2013

Nationality:  Germany

Style:  Technical / Brutal / Death Metal

Death metal comes in pretty much four forms; groovy, brutal, melodic, and lastly technical.  Some bands do a good job of lacing together more than one of those aforementioned styles.  The lines could be drawn even wider, but for the sake of this review Symbolic is one of those bands that encompasses a little bit of everything.  Their complexities and rhythm stood out the most.  From the beginning track, Everlasting, I was impressed with their ability to be lace brutality with tight riffing and inject melody in between, but not the kind of melody that takes the song in a different direction.  Some songs are harsher than others, but they all seem to find a moment where guitar solos take over and a more rhythmic cadence sets the tone – The Greed, for example.  Another thing I found interesting was the song length.  With the exception of one rather short song, Mysery, the rest “average” 5-6 minutes.  The length of the songs accompanied with the varying tempo changes gives the songs additional depth.  The fact that Symbolic doesn’t adhere to one particular style of death metal opens the door for them to explore the spectrum of harshness; for which they leave no stone unturned.

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