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Game Review: Civilization V: Brave New World

2481848-box_civ5bnwAfter spending nearly a century building a solid relationship with my Mayan neighbors it all pays off as they inform me that their spies have discovered that Napoleon and the French empire are planning on staging a surprise attack on my coastal city of Seoul.  This bit of information couldn’t have come at a better time as I have been guiding my people down the path of culture and science commissioning the building many world wonders and using my funds to search out great scientists.  My military is somewhat of a laughing-stock and as I have ignored the words of my military advisory telling me that the French wield an army that could wipe us off the planet.  Luckily I have been following the path of rationalism and those wonderful rationalists have discovered that through commerce and building trading posts I can also enhance my scientific resources, so let’s just say, the Korean empire has a few coins to rub together.  Which I do and build an instant modest army just strong enough to defend my land from a strong military push and then, since I have already denounced Napoleon a few times in the past for bullying my diplomatic buddies, declare war on the French.  And they fall into my trap.  Filled with the hubris that a massive army brings they go through with their set plan to attack Seoul seeing as that I have just a small defensive army.  What they didn’t know was that I had timed the production in my cities to release a bevy of high-powered units to eradicate them even before they hit my shores.  I wipe out more than a quarter of the French army on their first push taking minimal casualties due to my superior battle tactics and positioning and then push production to one more wave of military units composed of submarines and high-powered ballistas from my superior scientific advantage and then push back to the French shores accosting them of one of their major cultural cities and then south to liberate the French occupied city-state of Milan who will now provide me with and endless supply of cultural artifacts to keep my hard-working scientists happy as I move focus into winning the space race.  Ya, I must be playing a Civilization game.

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Game Review: X-Com: Enemy Unknown

_-XCOM-Enemy-Unknown-PC-_Cpt. Bigglesworth is the perfect example of the unsung hero.  During the extraterrestrial invasion of 2025 he gave his life not just for his country, but for the world.  During a small squadron mission into the recently discovered alien base to obtain technology that could help the team of X-Com’s scientists understand and better destroy the invading threat, the team found themselves in a vicious firefight.  Brazen as always Lt. Nipplechip rushed into some shady cover to try to get some effective shots in with his laser rifle to try to push the resistance back some to allow the rest of the squad to move into some semblance of favorable positioning.  To his dismay, he had made the wrong choice of taking pot shots instead of laying down a flurry of suppressing fire.  This led to the enemy getting an opportunity to move in to flank half the team and if they all didn’t act smart on their next steps, the whole team would find themselves in big trouble.

Armed with a rifle, grenades, and a bevy of health packs that could have easily been used to cure his wounds and buy him enough time to get himself to safety and retreat back to base, Cpt. Bigglesworth made the heroic move to risk his own life to ensure the safety of his squad mates.  Opting to rush into the face of the gigantic brute flanking them he tossed one of his grenades gravely injuring the over-sized and heavily armored alien and also destroying all the cover that surrounded it.  By doing so he put himself right in the path of another brute who quickly turned his sights on the weakened human who would make for some very easy target practice.  As the lasers began to fly at his soon to be perforated body he saw Rk. Tiddlywinks finishing off the flanker and Lt. Assface gearing up his sniper rifle to take perfect aim on his attackers head.  Cpt. Bigglesworth did not live to see his murderer’s head gush green ooze as Sgt. Assface’s shot penetrated its face, but the moment right before he died he smiled knowing that his brazen action, not only saved the rest of the squad, but also the entire Earth.

Back at X-Com’s inner-mountain base there is a small memorial dedicated to Cpt. Bigglesworth and his heroic deed, but due to the secretive nature of X-Com, his name and actions will never be known to those outside of the alien defense force collective.  A week after that bloody battle and the retrieval of the highly sensitive information and technology, the scientists and engineers were able to use the findings to both build weapons which would effectively counter the aliens as well as learn of a way to take down entire invading space crafts with the alien armies inside.  This tech led to Earth defeating and fending off the alien forces.

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