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Album Review: Maskin – Storm

Maskin_Storm_digicover-300x300Label: Mosquito Recordings

Album:  Storm.  This is their debut

Release Date:  3 Sep 14

Genre:  Stoner / Hard Rock

Songs:  8

Length:  44 Minutes

Location:  Sweden

FFO:  Kyuss, Bong Cauldron, Gringo, Vista Chino  Read the rest of this entry

Album Review: Witches of Doom – Obey

downloadAlbum:  Obey

Genre:  Hard Rock, Stoner, Goth

Songs:  9

Length:  46 Minutes

Albums:  This is their debut album

Release:  April 2014

From:  Italy

Label:  Sliptrick Records

FFO:  Type O Negative, Paradise Lost, The Cult, Sisters of Mercy, Moonspell, and a stoner band of your choice. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the Week – Needless Needle

Band:  Witches of Doom

a3565954274_2Album:  Obey

Genre:  Hard Rock, Stoner, Goth

Release:  April 2014

From:  Italy

Label:  Sliptrick Records Read the rest of this entry

Roundtable Review: Slab City by Steak

DAX112XT.pdfAlbum: Slab City

Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: Sept. 5th, 2014

Songs: 10

Length: 48:07

Genre: Desert Rock

Studio Albums: Disastronaught (2012), Corned Beef Colossus E.P. (2013)

Location: London, U.K.

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Album Review: 1000Mods – Vultures

CoverRecord Label:  The Lab Recs

Release Date:  30 May 2014

Style:  Sludge/Stoner/Psychedelic

Songs:  8

Time:  39 Minutes

From:  Greece

Studio Albums: 2011 – Super Van Vacation

For fans of:  Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer Read the rest of this entry

Roundtable Retro Review: N.O.L.A. by Down

95_nolaLabel: Electra Records

Release Date: Sept. 1995

Songs: 13

Genre: Sludge, Stoner, Doom, Southern Metal

Studio Albums: 3 studio albums, 2 E.P.s

Location: La., USA Read the rest of this entry

Stream of the Week: Obscure Anthems (Compilation)

a0801072284_2The Stream of the Week is a little bit different this time around.  I am brining you something called Obscure Anthems which is a compilation of…wait for it…black, doom, and stoner metal courtesy of Radioactive Records.  I am sure there may be some other sub genres buried in there, but those three are a cool collection of music to check out.   After several listens, the stand out artists for me are Germán Pasqual, Dammed Pilots, Geezer, and Sideburn.  I also can’t say I thought anything was bad.  Overall, this is a cool compilation and has intrigued me to check out some of these bands individually.  Click here for a link to the Radioactive Records facebook page.  See below for an embedded stream and enjoy.

Roundtable Reviews: S/T by Drawers

760137618423_TOX032_Drawers_Artwork_1400x1400Artist/Album: Drawers – Drawers

Label:  Koatoxin Records

Release Date:  11 Feb. 2014

Songs:   8

Length:  30:21 Min

Genre:  Stoner/Sludge

Studio Albums:   This is their fourth full-length album

Location:  France

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EP Review: BongCaludron – BongCauldron

BongCauldron-EP-ArtworkLabel:  Superhot Records

Release Date: 13 Jan 2014

Songs:  5

Length:  33 Minutes

Genre:  Sludge

Studio Albums:  N/A

Location:  England

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Album Review: Kill Devil Hill – Revolution Rise

KDHRevRiseKill Devil Hill hit the scene in 2011 and already released their second album, Revolution Rise.  I have to give the guys props for two reasons; first, they appear to be a hard-working band having released two albums in two years.  Second, they are still the same four dudes playing music they want to play which is a style that doesn’t rely on overly aggressive tempos.  Not that there is anything wrong with aggression, it’s nice to take a break and Kill Devil Hill is perfect for that.  Metal needs bands like Kill Devil Hill to contrast aggression and they do a fine job.   They are musicians from eclectic backgrounds, but together they create heavy metal music that is far-removed from an in-your-face style laced with grit and angst.  Revolution Rise is a strong sophomore effort from the quartet and is a nice addition among my collection of (mostly) brutal music.

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